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Since my early years, I have always had a passion for Aviation Management. My interest in the aeronautical sector developed when I used to travel a lot, and I became more eager to understand the operations in an airport. My ultimate career objective is to work in the airline industry because I perceive it as a captivating experience and furthermore, the field presents opportunities to serve others to meet their personal lifestyle and needs. Another reason that compels me to apply for the course is the division of three major courses in aviation management; airline management, airport management, and air traffic control. My drive to choose airline management is instigated by the irresistible bustling multicultural atmosphere. I also enjoy keeping up with developments in the aviation industry such as the progress of Terminal 4 in Heathrow Airport where I held my first job experience in the field. Over the years, my experiences have been fundamental to my personal understanding of airport operations and functionality.

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My core interest is to pursue a career in airport management. I have realized there are plenty of job opportunities in the aviation industry such as airline scheduling, monetary management, fleet management, and global operations. I have had the chance to learn Aeronautical Science at Aeronautic School in Italy where I acquired a Diploma in the course and learnt aviation systems. Consequently, this gave me a global outlook of what aviation management entails. My work experience at Heathrow Airport in London enabled me to comprehend internal operations and the regulation and management of aviation in different countries. One interesting thing that fascinates me and ties to the industry of aviation is a country's cultural view and affairs. I consider myself an international student having lived in Germany, studied in Italy, and moved to London. I have been able to learn various cultures in all these countries, and this has been an important aspect to my future career in the aviation industry. Additionally, my several years of experience in the hotel industry have been vital to my future career objective. All these factors demonstrate my suitability for studying aviation management.

I believe the University will offer me a lot in my desired career and future goals. By studying aviation management, I hope to achieve knowledge on management principles on airlines to keep operations running efficiently and securely. I also plan on doing more research on flight planning and airport management. I firmly believe that this academe will prepare me to obtain skills for ensuring passenger safety, meeting security regulations, to employing best staffs to the team.

Studying Aviation Management remains relevant to my personal development objectives because I will be able to give practical solutions for the future company I will work in. Given the opportunity to join this prestigious University, I will be able to provide engineers and pilots new job opportunities to enhance the operations of the future company. As well as being mature and responsible, I am capable of solving problems logically. I perceive myself as a confident individual and a team leader. Most important to my future career objectives, I believe this University will allow me to foster discussions on how to mitigate the environmental impact of air travel. My studies in Aeronautic School in Italy, more so the topics of air laws, air traffic control, and air navigation will enable me to apply my skills and technological knowledge in this University and future career in the airline industry.

As a self-independent individual, I am mature, and I feel I am more than ready to enhance my studies in this sector. I feel it is a privilege to join the team of scholars at this University. I know the course will not be easy, but I am determined and prepared to work harder to achieve my personal objectives. Apart from the above mentioned, I also love spending my leisure time accordingly, and I enjoy daily exercises and sports, and doing researches on aviation issues; all of which are essential qualities within this industry.

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