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Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Types

1.0 AbstractWireless sensor networks (WSANs) are a group of sensors and actors that are linked by a wireless medium for the purpose of performing distributed sensing and action on a given task. This involves the sensors collecting inform...
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2021-04-27 12:19:59

How to Write Code in Two Programms

Selecting the programs depends on the functionality of the program. Basically, these programs aim to give a solution to computation of sales person compensation on annual basis. Before writing the program, it is important to take note that of s...
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2021-04-27 06:40:38

Review of Books About the Internet

Abbate J. (1999). Inventing the InternetThe book sheds light on the history of the emergence of the internet. The author gives insight to the reader about the introduction of web browsers, robust networks and communication. She argues th...
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2021-04-27 17:29:25

Questions on Adolescence

Question 1: Do you think that the increasing incidence of the Internet relationships aids or hinders the development of intimacy? Why?I think that the increasing incidences of internet relationships exhibited through online interaction a...
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2021-04-27 11:20:54

Money Laundering in Digital Currencies

Money laundering is the process of disguising the original ownership and control the proceeds of a criminal activity by making such proceeds appear to have been derived from a legitimate source. It occurs in three stages; placement, layering an...
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2021-04-29 22:16:37

Modern Technology in Industrial Fields

Modern technology has brought changes in industrial fields and other areas of day to day life resulting to quality and efficient services offered in various sectors. With 3D printing technology, manufacturing industry has evolved effectively wi...
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2021-04-30 15:35:39

Networking Security Fundamentals

Public key infrastructure (PKI) refers to the procedures, policies and the technical mechanisms that coordinate together to provide a framework for giving a solution to some of the fundamentals of security. These fundamentals of security the PK...
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2021-04-30 17:01:37
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The Confidence Interval

In research, it is sometimes impossible to study an entire population and be able to make conclusions due to costs and other factors involved. So one chooses to take a random sample from the population and computes a statistic from it with a pu...
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2021-04-30 18:54:59

The Digital Migration

Digital migration was agreed in the year 2006 by all the member nations of the ITU to ensure that all member countries switched from the analogue to the modern digital mode. The modern digital mode would take advantage of the latest technologic...
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2021-04-30 06:13:52

Human Development Index and Its Components

IntroductionThe United Nations developed a tool known as Human Development Index (HDI) to measure and rank countries levels of economic and social development based on several criteria such as mean years of schooling, expected years of schoolin...
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2021-04-30 08:52:46