Informative Essay on Data Collection for the Network Analysis

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Once the managerial staff has been questioned, it will be essential to talk to the clients that are using MyEnglishLab program. The client would be able to give information about their experience when using the program. Was it as they expected or was it better or worse? From the client we will also get information regarding the benefits of the program and the issue that they have experienced while using the program. This information will be essential for comparison for with the response form the developers and the managerial staff.

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Data collection for the network analysis will be done through three methods, census data sampling survey, full network methods and snowball methods. Snowballing will be essential when acquiring information form inaccessible population such as clients and employees in the managerial staff. Full network approach will also be essential in order to get maximum information. Despite its effectiveness, full network approach is quite costly and difficult to execute. Moreover, full network method may be difficult to generalize. Census data sampling survey will give information regarding the opinion of a sample size obtained from the general population. In this survey it will be essential to employ questionnaire to establish the different characteristic of the population.

After collecting the information it will be possible to establish the divisions organizational structure and carry out its matrix analysis. The role of each department and member of the division will be clearly defined and which department is not well functioning. The information will also facilitate a SWOT and analysis of the program so as to establish the internal and external factors affecting the division and MyEnglishLab product line. The response of the user of the program will be helpful in establishing the pros and cons of the program. Finally we can also develop a solution for the issues within the program.


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