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Using the traditional black box strategy, testing is structured within blocks of sub-units with specific functionality. Calculations and I/O operations of the calculator will be tested by using a series of actions. All the performed tests are to be executed on Windows or Macintosh hardware platform. The software has to be tested on current versions of windows or MacOS.

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Value Entry Test

This is done to check the numerical value of the calculator. Performance of the test depends on the clear entry required in the specifications. If by clicking a button, the result displayed happens not to contain 0, the testing of the functionality has to be done.

GUI Entry

In the calculator's text area, only a 0 will have to be input. The test proceeds by clicking buttons from the left most to the rightmost. Numerical expressions should appear in the softwares display. Try in putting data as shown below:

Press 0 through to 9

Enter 2.5

Enter 1009

Enter .7

Enter 0.8300

Keyboard Entry

The same data should be typed by stroking the number keys. Clear entries are then pressed between the trials. The following data should be input:

Press 0 through to 9

Enter 2.5

Enter 1009

Enter .7

Enter 0.8300

Clear Entry

To perform functions pertaining to CE, the following actions ought to be done beginning with the value of 0.

Click 5 then CE, the expected display should be 0

Enter an addition calculation like 7+4 to display 4. Click CE

Enter 5*9 C 6 +-/= then click CE

Enter 10/25.55 C 5 then click CE

Unit Testing

Under this software testing technique, all the individual components of a particular software are tested. The main reason for the testing process is to validate that all the parts perform as were designed. A unit has a few inputs if not a single input and one output. It happens to be the initial level of testing performed just before integration testing. Software developers always take the credit for performing the tests. They have to construct the unit test plans, the test scripts and the test itself.

Incremental Integration Testing

It is performed after unit testing. The process involves verification of the interfaces and interaction with the existing modules. Under this technique, the developer would integrate modules of the design by using drivers that uncover the existing defects. Some of the available methodologies used in this technique include top-down integration, bottom-up integration, and functional incremental integration.

Functional Testing

It is one of the types of software testing in which systems are tested against their functional specifications. In this case, features get fed inputs to test them using the particular outputs they produce. This testing process is concerned with how the procedure of processing occurs. The steps involved in the testing technique includes identification of functions expected to be performed by the software, creation of input data according to the specifications of the functions, determining the outputs and executing the test case.

Overflow Results

In cases where the attempted data has more than ten digits to the left of the place of the decimal point, error messages will occur. The result obtained should therefore be rounded off to the nearest decimal point. Test cases performed should be:

Enter 90657*2.394767

Enter 9.33/1.9

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