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The purpose of this desktop migration proposal is to lay out the proposed tasks and activities that are required to efficiently transition HACKM, LLC users from a Windows 7 computing environment to Windows 8. Currently, HACKM, LLC has 500 desktops/laptops that run Windows 7. The CEO of HACKM, LLC recognizes a need to implement HACKM employees to the latest Windows 8 technology. This proposal includes deployment schedules, resource estimates, identification of special resources, and staffing. This proposal also defines management controls and reporting procedures, as well as the risks and contingencies in this transition.

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In upgrading to Windows 8, HACKM is seeking to reduce support costs while enhancing the user computing experience. HACKM would like to keep its systems current with the latest Windows technology by acquiring a top-of-the-line laptop/tablet hybrid. The budget provided by HACKM is a maximum of $1,000,000 in which $700,000 has been set aside for the acquisition of the hardware needed to meet the requirements. The remaining $300,000 is allotted for contract support to execute the task.

More Details on the Recommended Product: Windows 8

1. 10.6³ widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution This high-resolution screen is ideal for word processing, Web browsing, research, reading, and streaming HD video content.

2. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro operating system Full laptop capability in the size of a tablet. Run your existing desktop programs, download apps from the Windows Store and share files in the cloud for easy access anywhere you go.

3. 512GB internal storage capacity plus microSD slot Significant amount of storage space for software, apps, documents, photos, videos, and more. Expand storage with a microSD card.

4. Dual-core processor Delivers responsive performance, smooth-streaming video, and fast access to the Web and e-mail.

5. Supports the full Microsoft Office experience Equipped with Microsoft Office Suite.

6. Powerful connectivity with USB 3.0 Share files, connect accessories and display content on the big screen with a full-size USB port.

7. Docking station (separate)

Windows 8: Upgrade Benefits

Migrating to Windows 8 will bring HACKM up to speed with the most current operating system. Windows 8 offers superior performance in comparison to Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows. Windows 8 offers improvements in performance, existing capabilities, and is relatively cheaper in cost. Windows 8 starts up more than twice as fast as Windows 7. Windows 8 gives PC users a whole new world of full-screen, touch-friendly, Web-connected apps to explore.

Laptop/Tablet Hybrids Benefits

2-in-1s come with the advantages of both tablets and notebooks. Typically they'll have the form factor of a tablet, allowing users to easily enjoy their favorite websites and apps with touch like they would on an iPad. They sometimes boast better battery life than a typical notebook. They provide mobility advantages for personnel that are regularly on the go.


The objective of the task is to migrate all HACKM desktops to Windows 8 including all of the users' files and folders with no data loss, with as much transparency to the user community as possible.


With any project, a well-thought-out and sound plan is necessary. Migration technicians will check the hardware compatibility list (HCL) to verify that the recommended hardware is compatible with the operating system. This includes visiting the vendor's website and checking for operating system compatibility. For specialty applications, technicians will obtain the latest drivers for all hardware. If necessary, 64-bit drivers will be obtained before installation to ensure that devices are compatible with 64-bit operating systems.

Windows Upgrade Advisor will be utilized to determine whether any special modifications to the system will be required for an upgrade. Technicians will use Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) to automatically scan multiple computers and identify each computer's compatibility for an upgrade to Windows 8. MAP checks hardware compatibility identifies the availability of updated device drivers and recommends a migration path to Windows 8. Other migration tasks that will be performed and documented include:

Audit User Community

Conduct user interviews, verify user profiles, data location, answer any questions regarding migration.

Audit all hardware and software to determine upgrade needs for compatibility with Windows 8.

Identify a total number of desktops, laptops, and related hardware.

Examine current operating system configuration, user profiles Technicians will use Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center/Advisor to ensure current systems meet upgrade requirements.

Identify project manager, project team, and stakeholders.

Define migration management team and points of contact.

Conduct weekly status meetings to discuss progress and milestones.

Examine risks for migrating to Windows 8.

Data migration

Technicians will utilize the Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer utility to migrate user data.
Windows Easy Transfer is a built-in migration tool to transfer files and settings from one computer to another.

Software Compatibility

Group Policy Objects (GPO) will be migrated across the HACK domain forest with Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM). Technicians will use Across Forest Migration to export the GPO and import it into the new Windows 8 production environment. After GPO migration, users will authenticate to the HACKM domain and therefore will not be required to use a Microsoft account with the new Windows 8 systems. Data Backup & Restore

Data protection is crucial for HACKM continuity after the migration.

Technicians will:
1. Identify the critical data that needs to be archived
2. Archive this data to dedicated backup servers provided by HACKM
3. Review data for integrity and quality

Technicians will backup:
1. Program data, software data, user folders, and files including offline files identified during auditing and user interviews
2. Offline files will be copied to external USB hard drives (1TB).
3. Backups will be saved for 90 days after migration

Full backups will be run nightly with incremental backups weekly during the migration effort. Technicians will perform a full integrity and consistency check of data.


Each tablet will be encrypted using Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption. BitLocker makes use of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide stronger data protection for the data on the device. BitLocker will allow our technicians to encrypt all HACKM data stored on the Windows operating system volume and configured data volumes, and by using the TPM, it can also help ensure the integrity of the information.


All of the new tablets will be equipped with docking stations that have built-in gigabit Ethernet networking technology. For increased network security, the built-in wireless feature will only be made available on a case-by-case basis.

Anti-Virus & Protection

Each tablet will be protected from various threats and vulnerabilities via Windows Defender. Windows Defender is antispyware software that's included with Windows and runs automatically when it's turned on. Windows Defender offers two ways to help keep spyware from infecting your computer:

1. Real-time protection. Windows Defender alerts you when spyware attempts to install itself or to run on your computer. It also alerts you when programs attempt to change important Windows settings.

2. Scanning options. Windows Defender can be used to scan for spyware that might be installed on your computer, schedule scans on a regular basis, and automatically remove anything that's detected during a scan. Windows Defender works with Windows Update to automatically install new definitions as they're released.

Post Migration

Technicians will perform the following tasks after migrating users to Windows 8: Update device drivers for unrecognized devices. During installation, drivers for many devices are installed from drivers on the installation disc. Technicians will use Device Manager to verify the status of all hardware devices and download and install drivers for any unknown devices.

Configure Windows Update and download the latest updates.

Configure security software, configure the Windows Firewall and install anti-virus software. Technicians will make sure to update anti-virus definition files. Migrate user configuration settings and data using the following methods: For local files not backed-up to the network, technicians will use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files from the old computer to the new computer. For all other users, data technicians will use the User State Migration Tool (USMT): ScanState will be used on the existing computer to save user settings and files. LoadState will be used on the new computer to move files onto the new computer. Install applications and add other Windows features.

Configure system backups and other protection methods. Take a complete PC backup and schedule regular user data backups.

Roles & Responsibilities

Project Manager: Responsible for managing high performance, interdisciplinary team to meet project milestones and achieving measurable performance outcomes. The project manager will manage and communicate task progress and milestones.

Lead Migration Administrator: Responsible for leading the desktop migration effort. This includes analysis of the existing Windows 7 systems and development of the plan and approach and migration of data to the new Windows 8 systems.

Migration Technician: Responsible for user interviews, surveys, data back-up, operating system installation, and data migration. The technician will document any issues for escalation and lessons learned. The technician will regularly communicate with the Lead Migration Administrator and Project Managers.

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