Compare and Contrast the Past With the Future

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The worlds way of life is constantly changing and as it changes so does everything and everyone in it. This has been characterized by the fact that people have changed their lifestyles, technology has changed tremendously and the overall perspective to life has changed as well as things that revolve around human beings. In comparison to the way that no one can stop the way that the earth revolves and rotates is the same way that these changes cannot be stopped and thus they end up being embraced and accepted as a natural way of sustainability and growth.

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Major changes have occurred in the ways of life. They include changes to the environment around people, ways of thinking, and ways of doing things among many others. This changes all have an impact to life some bearing negative impacts and others bearing positive impacts to the life. Most of them have been transformed from lower standards to higher standards, much fun has been celebrated and overall ways of doing things have been incorporated into the new life unlike the past. Looking at standards of life from the past and the future present we find that things like education. In the past the males (men and boys) were the only ones who were educated whereas the females (women and girls) did not have a chance in education either in public or private schools. In the future present, however, the females (women and girls) have went on to get education the same level as males (men and boys) and most importantly they have gone on and received better education equally without any discrimination in any public or private schools.

Another example of way of how the life has changed between the past and future present is the way people lived in small communities with a small number of population. Everyone knew their neighbors each other and together helped each other. This was attributed to the fact that if one individual had any problem all the people around the community would join hands and help them accordingly. Also if one person had a function of any kind everyone would show up and contribute towards the success of the function in general by helping in celebration and gathering. In contrast, in the future present days no one cares about the rest of the people they live with may it be neighbors, friends or relatives. Each individual is concerned with their day to day lives and getting busy about the same thus they have no time to think about anyone else in particular. Moreover, technology has taken the place of interaction and meeting people thus reducing the need to meet people in person. For instance; there is use of messaging, video calls and many others to deliver messages and interact socially without physical meeting.

People from the past had good health than the people of now. The people from the past usually took activities like the farm and many other physical activities that boosted health and physical fitness like walking from one place to the other. This type of fitness and health was also boosted by the fact that people from the past consumed natural foods that were not genetically modified or chemically induced. In contrast, people have a means of doing everything faster and easily. This fastness has been aided by employment of machines and electrical devices to assist in farm inputs, household chores and transportation from one place to the other. As result, this less movement and participation aided by use of machines have affected the health of the future present lives of people. Most common diseases are heart attacks, obesity, cancer and blood pressure due to physical unfitness most of these diseases did not exist in the past.

In the past, the environment was naturally clean and people had access to many naturally occurring resources that they relied for everything they required including food, clean air, shelter and healthy environment. In contrast, however, in the future present the current population increase have led to a negative effect to the environment. This is because many emerging factories have led to destruction of the ozone layer and thus the environment in general due to the chemical substances, pollution and waste they release into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the environment has been cleared to give room to the growing population thus loss of vegetation that offered natural food and habitat to the life in the past.

In conclusion, every aspect of life has changed from the past into the future present. Health matters have changed from the past until now due to the introduction of machines. In the past also the environment was clean and conducive than now, this is because the population was small and did not require a lot of resources like the large population of the future present requires. From my perspective life in the past was better than it is now because of the reasons mentioned above.

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