The Development of Jazz in America

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America is one of the strongest economies in the world that boast of the huge financial base. The country that is perceived as free world initiates and supports lots of development projects across the globe with more emphasis in Africa and the Asian continent. Even though its massive wealth can be attributed to its early influence in industrialization: the country got its commercial culture from the liberation of jazz music. Most of the jazz performer like Sydney, Duke and Louis ventured in the commercialization of their jazz music. It is premised on this significant development that some people other than musicians began a partnership with the music industry. For instance, producers, promoters, and directors of music began venturing into the industry with a view of commercializing it. Jazz performers were also invited to grace some corporate events as a means of promoting certain brands and also entertaining guests in such functions. It is through the liberal nature of jazz music that free thinking habit that is synonymous with American populace set in during the Harlem Renaissance. Consequently, jazz performers started invoking entrepreneurial culture in most of the American businessmen that saw the need to create a different view of doing business. Therefore, jazz impacted commerce and entrepreneurial culture of the Americans during the Harlem Renaissance.

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Prior to the Harlem Renaissance, most of the American culture that was advanced largely revolved around the whites. Culture is reminisced through language, mode of dressing, food and other various dictates of cultural practices. However, jazz dramatically altered the strong, imposing white culture in America. Most of the jazz musicians began questioning the moral authority of imposing the white culture on African Americans. They defied several conservative values of the whites. For instance, the whites and Europeans for a long time have attributed civilization culture as their creation. Segregation continued in various ways of societal confinement as the whites perceived themselves as members of the polite, civilized and affluent society while they attributed ill mannerism to the blacks. Historical writers have often argued that Rastafarians could have been associated with the emergence of jazz music as defiance to the civilized mode of grooming whatever the whites prescribed. Even though Rastafarians attribute their hairstyle to close connection to reggae genre music; it is on record that most of the other genres that came after copied most of the jazz tunes. For instance, blues and other genres like reggae developed later after jazz in the close incorporation of jazz tunes in order to enjoy the support of jazz fans. Nevertheless, the most significant effect of jazz on the America during the Harlem Renaissance is the alteration of the white culture in America and incorporation of the culture of Africa America.

Music is art in nature that was practiced by the black Americans through their jazz music unconsciously. Even though they were practicing art through music, most of them were unconscious about it as the majority of the blacks lacked or had an inadequate formal education that emphasized academics and intellect skills. It is arguably right to claim the emergence of literature to jazz music as most music writers began to emerge during the Harlem Renaissance. Despite literature being societal in nature, the formal practice of literature began with the jazz music writers. For instance, the black art movement in the years the 1960s saw the emergence of young writers. In addition, jazz music was dominated by rhythmic lines that reaffirmed certain values that the African Americans disapproved of and embraced in equal measure. The blues people track which was a blues genre was partly construed as jazz. For instance, unlike the usual rhythm of blues and soul music, jazz began to be a genre that looked at life more seriously. It is one of the music genres that can never be understood in the ordinary le...

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