Charter for Health Care Workers

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Health stands as a vital and universal requirement and obligation by every individual. If one was to conduct research, then it worlds establish that individuals want a prolonged life, no one wants to die, even those advanced in age. However, the core aspect of leading a long life is living a healthy life. A healthy individual leads to a healthy citizen, and a healthy citizen indicates the productivity of a countrys social, political, religious and economic aspects. As a result, governments and religious institutions have placed more emphasis towards the buildup of health care policies, health care institutions, and health care programs, insurance and cover. The reason has been that health care has been considered a special aspect to the extent of been considered into been a vocation.

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For health care to be seen as special and considered as a vocation, it entails the willingness of an individual or a group of individual to ensure health and safety. Health care is likened to a church ministry and a new evangelization hence been considered as a vocation. As a church ministry, then health care stands defended due to its aspect of ensuring procreation and life continuity. Similarly, the individual who takes up the responsibility of a health care person he thus devotes himself to the work of health care as if it was a calling and service to life. Therefore, as a calling, then one has to care for life, defend life as a human paramount activity.

Likewise, healthcare is considered special since it entails love, trust, and conscience. For instance, health care involves a sick individual entrusting his life to the doctor with the belief that the doctor can give a remedy that would lead to him been cured. Firstly, the act of the patient taking the initiative to visit the doctor indicates that life is valuable, and hence, health care is special. Secondly, the doctor giving the patient a remedy that leads to the curing of the disease indicates that health care is special as well as a vocation.

Since life is special and precious, the churchs position on abortion views it as been illicit. Human dignity stands to be valued and appreciated as a being gift from God, as well as the fruit of the womb developed out of conjugal love. Therefore, been a gift from God, hence gives the more reason as to why life needs appreciation and thus devotion towards ensuring its preservation and continuity. As much as science advocates for abortion especially after undertaking a prognosis, the church stand firm against it.

In the view of the church, she stands for letting life be, for only God, who has the right to take away life. Besides, the Church affirms that, after the zygote form, and then it takes gods doing to ensure the zygote grows to a final human being product. Hence, if it were up to him, he would choose to abort the fetus even before it grows within the womb. Moreover, the church indicates that if the law to conduct an abortion subjects a health worker, and then the health worker must refuse but firmly. In their defense, the church insinuates that the law should never be above moral acts, and more saw contradicts the laws of God regarding human life.

On the aspect fertility control, the church views the natural method for fertility control as been licit, unlike the artificial fertility control methods. The use of artificial means of regulating fertility distorts the true meaning of life and procreation.

The church supports every mean of natural regulation of fertility since it conveys according to with the church doctrine of marriage love and procreation. Besides, natural fertility agrees with the aspect of conserving life and health care, which is special, and a vocation. Transmission of human life is something sacred that should not contradict with laws of God who is the originator that gives life. Therefore, use of artificial means of fertility control will mean interfering with Gods provided way hence contrary to the churchs belief. Conclusively, fertility control according to the church should have a common goal of ensuring that life is taken as sacred as it is viewed.

In matters of euthanasia, the church stands against the deed claiming it to be a homicidal act. It is confirmed from its position that the church seeks to preserve the health and life of every being. Therefore, any insidious act to end human life or to alter with Gods provided way of life stands subjugated to condemnation by the church. Been a health worker is a vocation, and in a vocation, one needs to safeguard life and hold it highly. However, the mere intention of ending ones life either by passive or active means regardless of the illness or condition thus does not hold health care special nor devote in his calling of a health care.

According to the church thought, she indicates that a sick and almost dying person needs care, love, attention, and affection. The patients life needs safeguarding and according to life the due respect as it was sacred. In fact, God has the only power to terminate a beings life; therefore, a sick person should be permitted to go through a natural death rather than a sympathy death. A health worker who acts performs his duty in the way of administering a sympathy death; he thus goes contrary to what he claims as a vocation. Initially, the health document indicated that health care is a vocation. Therefore, as a vocation, then the health worker should guard health care of every sick individual, rather than terminate the life indefinitely.

Besides, the church views euthanasia as a sign of defeat and surrender to the work of darkness. Firstly, if science advocates and readily accepts the acts of euthanasia, then it publicly admits of defeat and thus surrenders. Critically, the act of defeat indicates that even though science does not acknowledge it but there are forces beyond science prove that indicates the existence of a supreme being. Therefore, according to the church doctrine, the Supreme Being looks after the interest and well-being of every creature since he is the originator of life.

In conclusion, the churchs position on abortion, euthanasia, and fertility control highly relate with the view of the sacredness of life. It is crystal clear that the church views life been meaningful, unique and revered. Therefore, as an n idealistic institution, the church stands for the right to live and as a result, it stands against every deed that leads to illicit termination of health.

Similarly, the church acknowledges the place that God takes in human beings and therefore indicates that God is the originator of life. Consequently, the government and global network of individuals should take the responsibility of ensuring that health care is devotion, and thus every person is called upon to make sure that life is safeguarded. One way of protecting life has been an ambassador to life by standing against acts such as abortion and euthanasia both by words and by action. Similarly, the most important are approaching life with care, love, affection and above all devotion.

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