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According to Mark 16:15, it is important to spread the word of God. However, several hindrances may arise if one tries doing this with a person of Islam worldview. One such hindrance includes difference in religion and thus theological beliefs. A difference in theological belief would initiate feelings of animosity from the individual with an Islam worldview (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013). The family of the individual would also prevent any induction of the individual into Christianity if the individual is a minor. The individual trying to spread the word of god to the individuals in question could be a hindrance themselves. According to Psalms 66:18, the lord will not hear ones prayer if they are wicked. Therefore, if the Christian shows any prejudice towards the individual with Islam Worldview, then they would be a hindrance and thus limit chances of being effective. Language barrier may also limit the effectiveness of spreading Christianity to such individuals most are found to speak Arabic.

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A personal challenge that I may have in presenting the gospel includes the lack of confidence and the fear of the unknown. Spreading the gospel to an individual of the Islam Worldview presents one with an opportunity to share something new to the individual Weider, L., & Gutierrez, B. (2013). Change has almost always been met with resistance in the history of mankind (Michael, 2012). Therefore, it is almost definite that the individual in question may present opposition towards my effort, which in turn will challenge my confidence in spreading the gospel. However, if I lean on the readings of the Bible as pointed out in Ephesians 3:12, which states that I can be confident by faith in Him, I can manage to pass this message to those of Islam Worldview.


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