Literature About Practices in Care Review

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Treadwell, Janet, R. Perez, D. Stubbs, J. W. McAllister, S. Stern, and R. Buzi. Case Management and Care Coordination: Supporting Children and Families to Optimal Outcomes. 1st ed. Springer. Print.

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Case management and care conditions on supporting children and families is a general book written by Treadwell, Perez, Stubbs, McAlister, Stern and Buzi. The book provides a summary on new models of best practices in care and support to children and families which actually improve on quality with fair cost, practice issues encountered in providing care and support and a clinical common sense to meet the challenges. The book focuses more on families and children faced with chronic diseases and it offers an outline on harmonization of management and care and how to offer a more patient centered service delivery. This book is intended for nursing practitioners, those who are new in nursing and for the families of children affected by prolonged diseases or other distinct needs. As per the books content, its a useful source of knowledge to both new practitioners and those already in the field. The book offers both the problem and solution and therefore, in general, its a book of great importance to new practitioners and those already in the field.

Elzouki, Abdelaziz Y., Harb A. Harfi, and Hisham M. Nazer. Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012. Print.

The Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics is a reference book whose copies can be found online. Its a primary source to students, nurses and the locals. Its written by leading pediatricians and scientists from leading hospitals and health care centers all over the world. The book covers almost all the diseases the young ones are susceptible to covering each organ and organ system in the body. It follows a problem based approach to all the young ones diseases globally and its target of audience is wide covering practitioners both at family and health center level, families, nursing and medical students. Considering the book is written by leading scientists from all over the world, and it gives references to its work, it can be considered very accurate and unbiased. Overall, the Textbook of Clinical Pediatricians is a reference book to many medical students who wish to cover any pediatrician diseases.

9 Common Problems in the Nursing Profession

This web only article is found under the organization where nurses can empower and encourage each other and do more exploration on their profession .This is an article covering the major problems faced by nurses as they partake their day to day duties. The article gives the challenges faced and gives a way to overcome them. It targets nursing practitioners both those undertaking the course currently to prepare them on the challenges they are most likely to face when they start working and those already in the profession to help them get a way out when faced with this challenges. Considering the article is found on a web based nurse organization ( where all practitioners and students can share their problems and their knowledge, its a good place to get advice on all nursing and medical field queries. Overall, the article is a good lead to get information on the most likely issues to be faced in nursing.

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