Attention Deficit Disorder

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Does Ritalin help to foster the attention of persons? Regards to Doctor Diller in the article Running on Ritalin, he believes that Ritalin serve a great function in boosting the attention of patients with attention deficit disorders. The doctors nail it that parenting has been a mere challenge among todays parents. Current parents are too busy to center their efforts in the upbringing of their children. Attention Deficit Disorder, renown for the abbreviation ADD, is a mind disorder condition which numerous people suffer every single day. Its symptoms on victims as described by doctors go hand in hand. While symptoms vary from patient to patient, some may bear completely different symptoms from the rest. Mothers have had hard times seeing their children struggle to understand simple concepts in life due to the disorder, but knowing what to do. Victims of ADD have different symptoms which should be offered different diagnosis. The most common symptom of ADD is that of patients being deemed to the inattentiveness or distractibility. This indicator results in the victim being unable to sustain attention on work or certain activity. This poses a great danger to children performance in school; this may worsen if the teacher in teaching session is boring and the student cannot just sustain being in the class of a boring teacher. The disorder is characterized by impulsivity; this is where the disorder victims get to act before they can act. Taking instruction for such patients is more difficult. For instance, a child jumping into a pool of water without keeping in mind that he or she has no idea of how to swim. Causalities of ADD depict the highest order of impatience. Upon desiring of a certain commodity, the patient will do a range of things to have what he/she desires no matter the kind of risks linked. While some people believe that ADD can only be cured by Ritalin I believe there exist a million techniques to cure ADD apart from medical injections and tablets (Wilens 146)

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Ritalin is not the ultimate solution of Attention Deficiency Disorder. Gone are the ancient times when parents used to cane their children for doing wrong acts. It is evident that children of today dictate on kind of punishment to be given to them by their parents. This has seen emergent of children who cannot think beyond their nose. They end up being up extending their comfort zones to a level where thinking becomes a challenge, which elevates the possibility of ailing from ADD. Furthermore, doctors have advised that the attention of children is boosted when they get out playing and interacting with nature. It is crucial for young minds to get out there and build a relationship with their immediate environment for their own good. Participating in games is a form of therapy, which sharpens their way of thinking. Few number of ADD patients have healed up by the inspirations they get from their parents. This is done by motivating them that they are just like others. It is all about them being empowered- when their eyes are open and motivated that they can be attentive, just like their peers, then their thinking capacity will be elevated to great heights. It should be explained to them that their peers are not exceptional, and they can do better than them, with this kind of motivation they can pursue their healing process.

Natural remedies to ADD serves a great deal for victims, unlike hemorrhoid merchandises in the market like pills, creams, and suppositories, which are made of chemicals which have severe effects when as they are used by patients. It is crucial to consider diet on school going children. Children of tender age have higher chances of becoming victims of ADD. Their bodies have specific nutrition necessities that take care of their growing bones and muscles. Their evolving organs and ongoing support of the brain require kinds of nutrients to foster operation. It is unfortunate that time and the convenience of highly deal with foods often override nutritional importance. Nonetheless, the tastes buds tend to favor the abrupt gratification of sugary foods. Parents must impart an appreciation of smart eating. Serving fruits to children help to foster their state of interacting, which exempts them from slowness while conducting various actions. When resolving to proteins for childrens consumption, selections that are hormone-free and rather pasture raised should be considered. Water plays a great role in children growth It allows for efficient digestions which boosts the attention of young ones. Children with digestion complications portray dull traits, unlike children who consume water. It is clear that doctors and parents are the witness of the impacts triggered by food on childrens behaviors. Blood test among young persons should be conducted by their parents on a regular basis to evaluate and find out if their children contain any disorder that might lead to ADD. Early identification of ADD leads to early treatment. Moreover, infants are not exempted from being victims of ADD. Symptoms of ADD among children are screaming, poor or no sleep at all, refuse of affection and crying constantly (Wender 34).

It is proven that sufficient sleep elevates the scope of attention and focus. The body of children of tender age needs to sleep in order to build up the energy for the next days procedures. Sleeping for children helps them to resurface again and repair from their busy tasks. Parents with children of a young age are recommended to have the bedroom of their children to be dark so that their children can concentrate on sleep. Electronics such as video games and televisions can disrupt their sleep. Supplements of ADD do not have to be complicated. Moreover, strategies acclaimed to treat children with ADD aids children without attention disorders. Mind-body reduction approaches such as meditation, deep breathing, and workout can boost direction of thought and the capability to remain focused. Additionally, aerobic workouts such as running and swimming have been proven to be actual elevating the development of brand neuronal cells and making up for the faults in the cerebellum. Therefore, execution of relation therapy, as a mode to overshadow strain and nervousness elicits a calming effect on the mind of ADD victims and improves the operation the mind for lessening the symptoms of neurological disorders like ADD. Biofeedback therapy is a practice that encompasses retaining the electrical activity in the brain as a way to tap into the control of the mind flow, permitting thoughts to have power over the psychological procedures of the body. Children subjected to Biofeedback therapy respond to recovery even after receiving medications unlike causalities of ADD, who did not receive Biofeedback therapy. The technique of biofeedback therapy aims at the neurological influences that are involved in the mechanism that leads to the onset of ADD. Additionally, the result of Biofeedback could hypothetically change the patterns of brain waves in victims ailing from ADD (Wilens 148).

Natural Approaches to the treatment of ADD revolve around us. It is upon us to take appropriate measures to capture this menace that has seen young students achieve poor results in school. A natural approach to ADD leads to a permanent solution. They say prevention is better that cure, therefore, parents should always monitor the movements of their children in order to ascertain any form symptoms of ADD. Resolving to artificial medication is a dangerous affair that might compromise the future health of young ones. Health organizations should play a role in enlightening parents on the side effects that come with the use of Ritalin. Uses of drugs for a long span are questionable (Barkley 45). The safety of long use of Ritalin is simply unknown. It is obvious that Ritalin and other similar drugs do not boost the grades of students. Perfect nutrition during confinement and in the early age of the child may play a great role in averting ADD. Eradicating of processed food, artificial additive, preservatives and sugary foods have been mirrored to assist the hyperactivity aspect of the affliction. Sometimes the kind of lifestyle we belong to is to blame for the all menace that happen to our lives. Upon identifying symptoms of ADD on Children immediate actions should be taken lessen the ADD, before the situations get to be immune.

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