Stress in America

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Stress in America is an article that highlights the levels of stress in the American population through studying different patterns, and age groups to come up with a proper basis for the analysis. Stress causes illnesses such as severe depression, High Blood Pressure, ulcers and other diseases that are life threatening. In an American society that has one of the leading budgets and forms of health care the statistics on some of these preventable illnesses is staggering. The American society is stressed most of the times increasing their chances of being exposed to these illnesses. Lifestyles, nutritional changes and lack of proper exercises are some of the leading causes of this problem in the present society (APA, 2013). The level of awareness and control in the society is dependent on the models and mechanisms that have been implemented to oversee a working approach or model within the larger society.

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The research was aimed at identifying if stress starts earlier in life or is only present in adults. A survey was conducted with 1950 adults aged 18 and above and 1018 teens who were aged 13 to 17 (APA, 2013). The report was also segmented into different subgroups that were drawn from individual generations to highlight the differences between the groups and generations that they come from. It was an indicator of the different models and attributes that were since enhanced and controlled under single models and approaches that were uniquely placed in the society. The stress levels were measured on a ten point scale to highlight the differences and severity of the stress levels among the teens as well as the adults. The results of the study had a high correlation between the two groups that meant that there were stress levels in teens as were present among the adults. This information was an indicator that the stress levels that are identified among the adults start early in their lives and although it later develops the attributes are similar for the two groups.

The report is important in indicating that stress develops early and the stressors therefore, need to be noted before starting giving the people a chance to connect accordingly. It is also important in helping people who exhibit high levels of stress to start controlling and developing mechanisms that are meant to change the stress levels in the society. Teenagers need to ensure that they inculcate aspects of control and develop better habits that are meant to improve their lives (APA, 2013). The report is an indicator of the problems facing the society and sensitizing not only the teens but their guardians and teachers to develop ways to engage the teens and help in solving the problems.

One of the approaches that can be used in the reduction of stress levels is participating in physical events. There is a probability to engage and develop the best approaches and models that are since derived from different functional models needed in the society. Physical events are engaging, thereby reducing concentration on other activities apart from the activity. Developing better and healthier lifestyles is also critical (APA, 2013). Teens are engaging in too many unhealthy behaviors that are degrading their capabilities and options in the society today. Although most of the teens cited education as the main stressor, developing better behaviors and attitudes and behavior helps in creating working models and structures to handle academic work. Developing better nutritional behaviors also helps in reducing stress among teens.



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