American Slaves Living Under Nazi Occupation During World War II

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The German Nazi army is linked with the worst cruelty ever witnessed in the world. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi army was responsible for the holocaust where more than six million people lost their lives in an attempt to cleanse the German race. During World War II, the Nazi army engaged more than 13.5 million people including Americans in forced labor. It also committed several other atrocities in Germany and across the territories occupied by the German Reich. The American slaves living under the Nazi occupation during the World War II experienced racial discrimination, mass incarceration, torture and murder. This paper is an annotated bibliography of three sources that I will use in coming up with an essay on the experiences of the American slaves living under Nazi occupation during World War II.

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Reifenrath, John W. "Berga Am Elster: An American Slave in Nazi Germany." Jewish Virtual Library. N. p., 2016. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.

This article by John Reifenrath will be very informative on the experiences of American slaves. It provides first-hand experiences from a victim of incarceration by the Nazi army. The author, Mr. Reifenrath was among 350 American prisoners who were captured and sent to a slave labor camp at Berga on February 8, 1945. He survived the ordeal to write his story. The article explains in detail his experience at the hands of the Nazis. It highlights the mass incarceration of American slaves in newly constructed barracks. Reifenrath states that the barracks were surrounded by barb wire fences and guard towers. Additionally, the article also highlights a death march where several Americans were tortured and shot dead. Finally, the article explains racial discrimination plaguing the slaves where those suspected to be Jews suffered the most. Being a source from the Jewish Virtual Library, the article is reliable to prove my thesis.

Reich, Walter. "Yanks in the Holocaust." N. p., 2005. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.

This article by Walter Reich is an analysis of two books about World War II. The author analyzes the book Given Up for Dead as well as Soldiers and Slaves covering the World War II in an attempt to find a common ground on the treatment of Americans. The information provided proves that the slaves encountered racial discrimination under the Nazis, who tried to fill the quota of 350 slaves with Jews. After the identification the available Jewish G.I.'s the Nazis filled the rest of the quota with those who looked Jewish, or had Jewish-sounding names (Reich). The article also highlights some of the incarceration methods used to hold them. Additionally, it highlights the mass murder tactics used including starvation and torture. Following its analysis of the two books, this article is a valid source in providing information about the American experiences under the Nazi army.

Bazyler, Michael J. "The Holocaust Restitution Movement in Comparative Perspective." Berkeley Journal of International Law 20.1 (2002): 2-35. Web. 30 Mar. 2016.

The article uses civil litigation cases in the United States to prove the human rights abuses that occurred during the World War II. The Holocaust restitution movement in the U.S established with the aim of obtaining financial compensation for the Holocaust victims brings to light the historical wrongs leading to such litigation. The journal highlights the most prominent claim in the U.S courts as the one seeking reimbursement of insurance proceeds owed to the deceased relatives proving that the Nazis committed mass murder. The article also highlights the fight for justice and reparation for the African-Americans who were racially profiled and forced into slavery. Finally, the article describes the legal options for the prisoners who endured the mass incarceration under the Nazi regime. Bazyler states that American prisoner of war have the rights to recover compensation for labor performed (17). This article will provide an essential legal understanding of the atrocities committed by the Nazis, therefore, help in the writing of my paper.

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