Achievements of Anne Bonny and How She Became a Pirate

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It is difficult to isolate the legend from the certainties of Anne Bonny. The only fact that is undisputable is that Anne Bonny was a solid, autonomous woman, who was way out ahead of her time. She did great things and made several accomplishments that women at her age at that time would not have achieved. The eighteenth century was still a period when man settled on immeasurably essential choices, a period when women did not have numerous rights. In this current men's world, it was hard for Anne Bonny to end up an equivalent crewmember and a respected pirate (Murphy, 2015). The men at the time were superior to women and the women had no say on various issues that affected their societies where they lived. It was completely men's world. The paper examines the various accomplishments made by Anne, the challenges or things she had to overcome and how she became a pirate.

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How she became a pirate

Annes piracy began when she first fell in love with a small-time pirate James Bonny, who was not in genuine love with her but, just wanted her estate. Her father was not at ease with the relationship and did not support it but since Anne was stubborn, she went ahead and married Bonny. His father had wanted to make a respectful lady out of her and thus always wanted the best for her. So when she married James, the father got so much disappointed in her and turned her out of his home. Following this, James took Anne to the New Providence, that is, the pirates hideout. He experienced considerable difficulties in supporting her, and at last, he turned into a pirate informer for the representative, Woodes Rogers (Murphy, 2015). Anne was disillusioned on the grounds that she had made numerous pirate friends nd since her husband would not offer her enough support, she opted to escape after getting influenced by the new pirate friends she made. With the assistance of her great companion, Pierre, a praised homosexual person who ran a famous woman foundation, Anne left her spouse. She fled with Calico Jack Rackam, romantic Pirate Captain, who even offered to buy her from James.

Calico Jack Rackam was a pirate on a small-time basis and for often attacked seaside shipping. He was not exceptionally fruitful as a pirate, but rather he knew how to go through cash with style. The affection relationship between Anne and Calico was not open, but rather on the boat, everyone realized that Anne was "the commander's woman."At the point when Rackam discovered that she got pregnant, he exited her in Cuba to deliver the child. However, the fate of this child is not known (murphy, 2015). There are a few speculations about what happened to Anne's first child. A few individuals surmise that she simply relinquished her, some trust that Calico had a companion with a family in Cuba who consented to bring up their kid. A few even trust that her child passed on during childbirth.

After a couple of months, she came back to Rackam's boat, but now the infamous Mary Read was also on board. It did not take long for the two women to form a great relationship and became solid friends. As per a few mariners, Anna and Marry were even in a romantic relationship all these friends were all pirates something that had enhanced the idea of her becoming a pirate. In October 1720, Captain Barnet, ex-pirate, now officer of British Navy assaulted Rackam's tied down boat "Requital". Almost the whole Rackam's team got inebriated (McKeown, 2014). They celebrated throughout the night since they figured out how to capture a Spanish business boat. The battle was short in light of the fact that just Merry and Anne stood up to but, at last, they also got overpowered.

The group of "Requital" was taken to Port Royal to stand trial. The trial was a major sensation on the grounds that the foundation of the female detainees was upbraided. Anne and Mary were women who got away from conventional confinements and in their path, battled for balance in the middle of men and women. Everybody got found guilty for the wrongdoing of theft. The sentence was demise by hanging, However, Anne and Marry got saved, in light of the fact that they claimed to be pregnant.

The challenges Anne Bonny overcome

As a woman, Anne bonny got faced with several challenges as she was operating in between men. Starting from her time of birth to piracy, Anne opted to take different lifestyles to survive and fit within her society where she lived. Thus, to survive, she had to overcome some challenges.

Anne got raised up as a boy. Even though Anne was a woman, she had to get raised up as a boy since she got conceived out of wedlock to a lawyer and his maid. Since the father had grown fond of her, he wanted to bring her home but all people in the time knew so well that he had an illegitimate daughter (Blakemore, 2015). He thus dressed her as a boy and pretended she was a son of a distant relation. This was the first test that ensured she lived with her father until the time she became stubborn and got married to the man her father did not like.

Anne had found herself in a precarious situation, boarding a pirate ship. Most people had taken the advantage of her together with her friend Mary. But because she was tough and knew how to defend herself, she ended up overcoming these challenges. She got described as robust and the moment she was badly beaten she would turn to something crazy. Furthermore, in the pirate boat, there were men who wanted to sexually harass her but Anne was still able to defend herself from them. Once, when a young man had lain with her against her will, she had beaten her so that they lay ill of it a considerable time (Murphy, 2015). This was a mechanism she used to keep off the men who thought would sexual harass her.

Anne also had relationship difficulties. While serving on calico jacks pirate ship, she meets Marry Reed and becomes attracted to her and reveals that she was a woman. However to her disappointment, Reed also reveals that she was really a woman. Annes lover calico Jack becomes jealous of the Annes attraction to Reed until he learned the reality of what aspired between the two of them. Anne was a woman with a lover but still opted to love another person of the same sex. However, this was not easy and the two women had to do something to cover up their gender. When Calico knew the truth, he decided to help both of them cover up their real gender and this had helped Anne overcome the challenge of people knowing she was in love with a person of the same sex.

At the trials of the Rackham and his pirates, there were numerous witnesses that wanted to testify against the crew. One of the witnesses was called Dorothy Thomas who had wanted to testify against Anne and Reed since she had gotten captured and held got treated as aprisoner over time. On her testimony, Dorothy opted to reveal that Bonny and reed were getting dressed up as men yet they were women and that they fought using pistols and machetes just like other pirate and they were more ruthless almost twice as the other crew (Blakemore, 2015). To overcome this, Anne had suggested they kill Dorothy so that there would be no one to testify against them and so they did kill her and overcome the trial.

Another great instance in which Bonny had overcome the challenge is when she escaped hanging because of her condition. The crew had gotten tried and found guilty and numerous people among the crew got hung but Anne and her friend escaped this because they claimed to be pregnant. When the judge had ordered their claim to get investigated, it was found to be true and thus their death sentence got commuted. However, Reed died shortly in prison but Anne survived. This was the greatest challenge he had faced over time but indeed, she overcome it.

The accomplishments of the Anne Bonny

Anne through her story of piracy has yielded a lot of accomplishments and also impacted on other peoples businesses and daily activities. For instance, her story had thrilled several individuals since her time of arrest. When Captain Charles Johnson used her story to a great extent in his book and using this he made great sales since most people had liked her stories and bought the book to review the story and as such the sales volume of Johnson book increased (Murphy, 2015). This was a vast accomplishment since she had influenced the lives of other people and using this Johnson would earn some living through her story.

Another accomplishment Anne made was gaining traction of the notion that a female pirate becoming a romantic figure. The notion made the playwright John Gay wrote the Opera Polly, which was a sequel to his acclaimed Beggars Opera. In the opera, the young Polly had come to the new world and took up the piracy as searches for her husband. Since her time, sheleft a legacy where female pirates have been part of theromantic pirate lore. Even the modern fictional she-pirates such as the Angelica, that get played by the Penelope Cruz in the Pirates of the Caribbean on the stranger Tides still owe their existence to Bonny since they get inspired by her actions (McKeown, 2015). The inspirations have played a great role in them and now they form part in piracy. Also, Bonny have had impacts on the different cultures. She has enhanced the greater impact on popular culture that has never existed on the eighteenth-century shipping and commerce. The influence she had in the piracy had not gotten witnessed before and this influenced many. This influence formed the greatest achievement she ever made.

Also, Anne was an independent headstrong woman and the speculations point to a legendary and fearsomely courageous personality. She was one woman who got viewed as being ahead of her time because she broke convention at the period in the history when women got expected to behave in a sedate and subservient manner (Konstam &McBride, 2013). The women had no voice in the period but for her, she stood strong and condemned all that. The sedate and subservient were words that could not get found in her vocabulary and, therefore, could not allow herself to get mistreated by any man, making her getting noticed as a legend and achieving the legendary figure among the men.

Anne also earned a reputation among her peers. The reputation had resulted from her fierce and courageous temper plus a fiery disposition. These characters she established due to the death of her mother who passed away when she was still in her teen years making her take over the huge responsibility of managing her fathers household. All these made her earn the respect among the peers who would not believe she would run her the whole of her fathers household at that tender age. Even though these traits made her earn the reputation and used as a defense for herself, for instance when she had thrashed the young man who tried to sexually assault her, there is also a story that claims she had killed a serving maid in her fathers household for crossing her (Murphy, 2015). All these Anne did at the age of fourteen something that was unbelievable to many as its said, Anne was surely much ahead of her time.

Anne also established a way in which life could get lived. She was a woman who embraced life head on and then molded it to her own terms. She chose what she wanted in life and thats what life would give her. She was a woman full of determination and once she had set her mind on doing something, she would do it without going back and thats why she goes against her fathers will to marry James despite the father had wanted the best for her.

Anne was a subject of influence. Her life and the routes she took in life has impactedto the lives of several individuals at that time and in the recent world. At the time, using her story to publish the books as Johnson did would increase more sales and t...

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