5 Things to Survive on a Deserted Island

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1.Trenching tool. If I ever find myself stranded on a deserted island, first of all I need to build or dig a shelter to hide myself from direct sunlight. And an army trenching tool is a good item for such work. It is a small military spade, which is an essential tool for the soldier to use in a battle zone. With the help of such shovel, the size of which is usually not larger than half a meter, a prepared person is not only able to dig a trench, but also can dig without fatigue for a long period of time. The reason of this is the design of the shovel - its construction is minimalistic and very handy. Trenching tool consists of the cutting blade and the bar that is why it can also be used as an ax. On a desert island, I can try to make a dugout using a trenching tool, or I can cut down thin trees or tree branches to build a shelter.

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2. Portable water filter. While on a deserted island, a person can live without food for a while, but without drinking water - much less. I shall require drinking water supplies to extend my survival. Whether I am going to explore a jungle, a dense forest, a or a swamp,there can be some kind of a water source, so I am going to need a water filter so I can have a supply of drinking water. This portable filter can provide me with fresh water, even in such circumstances, when there is only dirty and extremely dirty water at my disposal. For example, a Lifesaver Bottle - a portable water filter - can purify water from viruses, heavy metals, harmful microorganisms and other rubbish and can save waters mineral content. This filter has a 750 ml capacity and an integrated cartridge, designed for water purification from 1500 up to 6000 liters depending on a size of the filter (Iconlifesaver.eu).

3. Knife. Knife is one of the most useful tools for survival that I definitely shall take with me. With the help of a knife I can sharpen sticks to make hunting spears, materials for a shelter or a raft , cut thin tree branches. I can also hitch a knife with a stick and make a spear for hunting . Also, the knife can be used for butchering animals and food cooking. Unfortunately, a long use of a knife can make it blunt, so it's best to have a few sharp knives for a long survival.

4. Flint fire starter. Being on a deserted island I shall definitely need a fire to have a lightened place near my shelter at night. In this case, I can scare away wild animals and cook some food using fire. But at first I shall need a source of fire, and a flint is a good choice for me. Flint consists of a ferrocerium rod and a grip. A flint can be used in any situation at any time. Unlike matches or cigarette lighters, a flint cannot get water-soaked or empty of gas, so I can use it in any weather. I am going to need a flint fire starter , a knife and some dry grass or dry twigs to start a fire. Then, using sticks and logs as a fuel, my bonfire will burn for a long time.

5. Good survival book. If I ever find yourself on a deserted island, I must know how to build a shelter, how to hunt, how to start a fire, how not to get sick, how to cook, what plants and fruit can be eaten. In other words how to survive in wilderness. And the best thing, that will help me even if I dont have many survival items, is a good survival book with lots of useful information about shelters building, non-poisonous plants, safe and healthy food cooking and so on. Gained knowledge from such a book can extend my life for weeks and months, so I shall be sure that my brain and knowledge are the true key parts of survival.

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