Two Nights at Arequipa vs Four Nights at Cuzco

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Flight costs to Arequipa, Peru vary depending on travel options one way or round trip. However, one way flights are much cheaper compared to round trips. Flight options to Arequipa include American flights, United Airlines, Air France, among others. The cheapest options are Washington to Arequipa by Air France at $779, Los Angele to Arequipa by United airlines, New York to Arequipa by Air France and Baltimore to Arequipa by LATAM airlines at $979.

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There are various accommodation options in Arequipa, such as hotels, apartments, and villas. The tranquil Casa Consuelo Hotel constitutes one of the cheaper accommodation options in Arequipa owing to its proximity to Main Square and is only 10 minute walk from the city center charging $26 per night. Other cheaper hotels include Hostal Mirasol also 10 minute walk away from the city center and located a cultural area, and Che Largato Hotela charging $19 per night. Public transportation options appropriate for the group include train and bus and car.

There numerous interesting cultural sites and activities in Arequipa like. First, the group can learn why Arequipa is a white city and the colonial architecture of the city. When one walks around the city he will realize that several colonial structures are built in white rock. Owing to its proximity to volcanoes, many buildings are constructed using sillar (volcanic white stone) that give it its distinct character. Also, the group can tour important places like Plazas Cathedral, Casa de Moral, and colonial UNESCO World Heritage buildings. Constructed in 1656, plazas Cathedral is not only the citys important church, but also a cultural attraction. Furthermore, it can engage in adventure tours of Colca Canyon and El Mis where it can choose to explore carvings, hiking, biking, volcano climbing, horseback riding, rafting and kayaking. Arequipa is famous due to its white water rafting. While some of these sites are free, some require entry fees starting from $10 per person.

Also, it can visit San Camilo Market one of the oldest market in Arequipa to taste a variety of local delicacies and cuisines. Typical dishes include queso helado and chicharrones, which are an ice made from cheese and local deep fried pork, respectively, as well as varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and cheeses the group can sample.

Four Nights at Cuzco

There are several USA departure airports that the group can choose for their trio to Cuzco. Round trips to Cuzco are relatively cheaper as airlines such as Avianca, LATAM Arlines, Major Lines, and American Airlines charge departure flights from different parts of the country from as low as $509, $560, $589, and $650, respectively. Public transportation options include train, bus and car. Travel bus and train would be best options for group to traverse different parts of the city. There are different hotels charging different rates but the most economical option are Loki Hotel and Ecopackers changing $10 and $12 per night, respectively. Samay Wasi Youth Hostels is another economical accommodation option as it charges $12 per night.

The most excellent cultural activities the group may undertake at Cuzco are exploration and tour of cultural sites and attractions. It may tour the magical citadel of Machupicchu. On the 112km tour, the group can engage in sightseeing of Urubamba canyon, Urubamba River, the exciting peaks of the Veronica Mountain, and the wonderful Inca Sanctuary which are historically referred to as The Lost City of the Incas. On day two, the group may take a trip to the Sacred Valley of the Inkas to have splendid views of the Pisac inkas, tour Ollantaytambo town, and visit Chinchero in Andean village. The group can tour the Maras Moray Salt Mines of Maras on day three and experience Cuzco citys historical heritage like the Temple Koricancha, the Cathedral, the Fotress Sacsayhuaman, the military control center Puca pucara (a military control center), and Tambomachay (a water temple).

Cuzcos meals are an important part of the citys culture. The city is renowned for its delicious and variety typical dishes that appeal to visitors. Some popular typical dishes include Timpo/Puchero, Chuno cola, Rocoto Relleno, Kapchi, Humitas and Adobo, among others. Timpo is made from the chest of a cow, head of lamb, bacon, feet and vegetables. Adobo is a port stew made with corn beer (chichi).

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