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Accommodation in Singapore is not cheap. A single night in a hostel dorm goes for around 15-30 SGD, while a basic double room budget hotel star will range from 50 SGD. Most of the hotels charge between 75 to 115 GD for a single night.


There are some the low-cost food joints within Singapore with plenty of street stalls that sell food for a cost of 6 SGD per meal. The Indian and the Chinese food are usually around 8 to 9 SGD per meal. But, it is important to consider that most of the restaurant in Singapore are around 20 SGD.


There are a lot of taxis and buses within Singapore, though the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that runs the width and length of the country. The MRT tickets start from 4 Depending on the distance to be traveled.


In Singapore, events participation is not much expensive. For example, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and Singapore Botanical Gardens are charged. To enter the Singapore Zoo, it will cost an individual 32 SGD while for the Underwater World is 29 SGD.


Welcome to India and visit the iconic destinations, traditional food, hospitality in comfortable hotels and many activities.

Our custom-made travel plan will suit you in exploring India in an exciting way. Discover the in deep culture in India by tasting food while in food tour, learn how to cook Indian food.


One can secure a luxurious private room in a hotel for the price of 300 to 500 Rps for a night. Budget Room will cost 250 500 Rps for a single night, while a duplex room will cost 250 500 Rps per night.


The spicy, rich flavored and varied are the terminologies used to describe the delicious Indian food. The Indian cuisine is different in diversity and taste, and it is cooked from an extensive collection of the regional cookeries all over various parts of India. The food includes Sakkara Pongal, Sajjige, Sambar, Sevai, Pork bharta and among other delicious ones. Taking an average meal in India at a low-end hotel will cost 8.40 USD to 17.69 USD, while the luxurious 5-star hotel will coat 58.25 - 294.24.


The train is the Indian commonly known mode of transport. This will take you all over the country and experience the endowed culture and beauty of India. For the first class train, it will cost $25 per person, while the economic class will cost 10 USD.

Activities and sceneries

The typical activities in India for entertainment include:

White Water Rafting in Subansiri

One-Horned Rhino Spotting in Kaziranga National Park

River-Rafting in Brahmapurta River

Paragliding in Goa



Thai cooking destination highlights on lightly cooked food that has a solid aromatic factor as well as the spicy edge. It is recognized for its dense of not less than tree and up to five basic tastes sense in every dish or the entire meals: bitter, sour, sweet and spicy. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic factors and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three and up to four or five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy.


Thailand highlights not just a portion of the finest inns and resorts on the planet but also the best assortment of accommodation to look over. Thailand accommodation alternatives run from rural home, rich five-star spa resorts and almost everything in the middle. Some of the famously known hotel accommodations include:

Cosy Beach HotelMillennium Hilton Hotel BangkokSheraton Hua Hin Resort & SpaMelati Beach Resort and SpaActivities and sceneries

Thailand has some various exciting places to visit, a few of them include:

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)BTS SkytrainLanta Animal WelfareSukhothai Historical ParkDubai


Traveling via bus from one point of Dubai to another will cost 4.10 Dhs, remember that the front bus is reserved for families and children. Dubai Metro Is one of the bus companies that operate in Dubai. Monorail charges Dh25 for round trip in the Abu Dhabi. Additionally, there are taxis and private vans that can be hired and the costs will vary depending om the distance and the location you are traveling.


Dubai is described as being expensive. However, it remains to be the most deserved. The place as some luxurious hotel which continues to open. The most expensive 5-star hotel cost 201 to 2886USD, the include hotels like Crowne Plaza Dubai - Festival City and Coral Boutique Villas, among others. The affordable and classic hotel ranges from 146 to 293 USD. Most of these hotels are located in the Abu Dhabi.


When you feel, hungry and want to take some meal, Dubai has the variety of dishes that are available for you to choose.

For example, Al Samar Lounge, they offer a range of sweet treats, beverages, snacks, shisha and traditional high teas. From the menu one can select: Traditional English Tea at 174 AED, Afternoon Tea with Bubbly at the cost of 251 AED, at the expense of 18.75 AED (3 ) one will get croissants while you can enjoy a delicious cake slice at the price of 37.5 AED


Burj Khalifa observation deck is the iconic destination in Dubai with the world's tallest building; it provides city views and the surrounding desert. It costs147 AED for one to queue and go right up. Tourists are recommended to make their online booking since the limited sum of visitors is permitted.

The indoor skiing is another most attracting activity in Dubai which costs 360 AED full day pass or 240 AED for 2 hours.

Learn the history of Dubai at the Dubai Museum for 3.5 AED.

Costa Rica


For an average tourist, the food cost will range as follows depending on your selection of meals. Breakfast may range between ($5 $8), lunch, salad at $8, fresh fruit drink at $3, pizza at $11, the burger at $8 and fresh fruit drink at $3. At dinner, shrimp pasta at $16, grilled fish at $13, grilled chicken at $12, steak at $12, and glasses of wine for $15.


There are an affordable means of transport, for a short trip that will take you a maximum of 3 hrs. Goes for about 1,60 0 CRC, whereas the longer trips do not exceed 5,330 CRC. Also, there are assortments of own coach and taxis that operates between the major towns and tourist attraction destination. However, those buses are triple the cost of the public buses.


The hotels offer accommodation at the expense of between 4,000 to 10,000 CRC for a day. While the private rooms in the hostel range around 15,000 CRC. The high-end hotel starts from $250 a night with a well-appointed room that has all the needed amenities.


Coffee tour: $14-29

Guided tour of national park or reserve: $10-20 per person

Zip-line tour: $55-90

Snorkel or dive tour: Snorkel- $70-90; dive- $110-140

National Park or reserve (self-guided): $9-16

Rafting tour: $60-120

Kayak tour: $40-50



Food in Germany is cheaper. One can take their meal (great sausages and bratwurst) from the outside vendors for the cost of 2-4 EUR. While 15 EUR for a pre-prepared sandwich, while the fast food will cost you nearly 7 EUR. Then a nice pint of beer costs 5 EUR. Taking groceries for a week will cost you approximately 35-65 EUR.


It is expensive traveling on a high-speed train. It can cost over 180 EUR to travel from Berlin to Munich. While some of the intercity trains will charge a second-class ticket between 40-70 EUR. It is economical to take an overnight bus or slow regional train to save for accommodation.


It will cost 1-15 EUR to go to the museum. While river cruises and Bike tours will cost 24-40 EUR, and then renting a bike will go for a cost, not below 18 EUR per day.


The cost of accommodation is quite expensive in Germany, especially in the central cities. For a single room, it will cost 10-20 EUR for a night and 60 EUR for a private single room



In Switzerland, it will cost one to pay 30 CHF, while the private single- room ranges from 75 CHF per night. The hotels can be quite expensive, and for a double room, one can spend to nearly 85 to 115 CHF for the evening at the low-end hotel. In Zurich or Geneva, rooms in the hotel are higher, beginning at the cost of around 100 CHF per night.


Although, it is costly to eat in Switzerland, when comparing McDonlads $15 USD and Starbucks is $8. Going to the local supermarket may be a bit cheaper to buy groceries. It will cost one 50-100 CHF per week for basic foods like sauce, eggs, fruits, rice, and vegetables. On the other hand, the supermarket prepares pre-cooked meals for a cost of between 5-9 CHF. Cafes and bars are the cheapest in food that will cost nearly 9-15 CHF.

Transportation costs

Depending on the time covered and the number of zones one will travel, the local buses within the town goes for 2.50-4.50 CHF, while the intercity trains are much costly. For instance, a 2 hours train from Bern to Geneva would cost 50 CHF, and for the second class, the ticket will go at 28-50 CHF.


Some the museums charge an entry of around 10 CHF. While for the students they will be able to save 2-4 CHF if they show their student ID. Hiking will cost 70 CHF. Paragliding is charged at about 160 CHF. Snowboard Lift and Ski tickets can go from 27-75 CHF per day.



The price differs for the night accommodation depending on your location within the country. A single night in the dormitory room ranges from 20 EUR, however, there is none that costs more than 30 EUR. For the double private room, the night will cost 25-35 EUR. And the low-end hotel will charge a single room at the cost of 45 EUR.


Fast food and casual food will cost at around 12 EUR. It will cost you 23 EUR for a meal at a sit-down restaurant. Meals such as Frites (great snack and French fries) will cost nothing less than 4 EUR. For those who prefer to cook their food, then they can go to the market and buy cheap groceries.


Tickets for traveling with the city will costs 2-3 EUR per ride. It is not costly to travel around the world since the country is small and easy to move around. A second-class ticket will cost roughly 15 EUR for an intercity train.


Belgium is characterized by the local culture from the historic cobblestones in Bruges to the international flavor of Brussels. While the entry cost to the museum ranges from 5-14 EUR, though, for those who are students, they will find it to be affordable. There are also free tour-walk where one can catch a glimpse of the countrys history.



England is not knownfor great food as compared to other world famous destination but London have no recognized food scene but the city has the most expensive food s when to comes to the high-end hotel.

Breakfast Free 8

Lunch: 5-15

Dinner: 5-18


London is a big city therefore, public transport ids the commonly used means. Though it is quite expensive.

one-way ticket - cost 4.80

Taxi form the airport to the city ranges between 45 70

London Sub-way train 5.70

Buses costs from 8.60 USD depending on the distance.


Hostels of a bed in a shared dorm room will cost 19-40

Budget Hotels: 50-150Rental Apartment: 90-130+

EL Salvador


The rich culture of EL Salvador is expressed through their traditional delicious prepared food. Some of the foo...

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