Ways to Control the Conflict

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One way that I manage conflicts in the relationships I have with my relatives is by avoiding the person I have an argument with. In this conflict ritual, I am likely to lose or win. This is one of the negative conflict rituals that I use in solving my conflicts. Negative conflict rituals if not fixed or resolved can be destructive to a relationship. However, knowing that all rituals are not bad is what makes human beings come to a realization that conflicts will always be there and there are certain reactions to these conflicts.

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What causes the avoidance is often an insult against me. Sometimes the insult might be a verbal argument about issues that strongly support. These things cause me to avoid the people involved when needed. In most cases, what causes the conflict is always about my personal life. This happens mostly when I do not get all the attention I require when talking to someone, or when I receive weird looks rom them.

The response that comes out between the other party and me involves avoiding each other. This arrangement is usually mutual where the agreement is to stay away from each and other without any communication whatsoever. This agreement does not mean the relationship is over, but it is a time to reflect on the conflict. After some time, the silence usually comes to an end even if at times it takes longer than anticipated. Sometimes when the silence is prolonged, the best thing is always to forget that person until the conflict ritual is over.

The other conflict ritual that I practice is serving those that I have conflicts with. This means that I accommodate the other party, and accept losing the conflict. This ritual is a positive reaction to the conflict that motivates me to serve others thus making things to get better. This ritual is one way of showing that I still care about the other party and that they still matter to me. At the end, it is always hard for someone to get bitter especially to those that serve them.

This subject can be triggered by anything, including when couples argue about the affection they have for each other. The service in this case can be triggered by the time the couple spend together. Sometimes one party will initiate the ritual when they show lack of satisfaction. In other times, the person may seem not to be happy and this will influence their actions by doing things that will cheer them up. This conflict ritual in most cases ends when the other party is uplifted again and happy. To prevent this conflict from taking place, I look for all the possible signs so that I am able to know I need to something extra for my partner. This is a simple thing to do, but at the end, it is usually a turnaround as it has a huge impact on the situation.

Another alternative to control the conflict ritual of avoiding people is by acing the other party and candidly talking out about the situation. Mostly people are always willing to open up and talk honestly which is a good thing compared to avoiding the root cause of the conflict. This is the one of the best way resolving an issue instead of avoiding the other party.

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