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A trade mark is a recognized design, sign or expression that can be used to identify products or services of a specific business from those of others. Companies that aspire to identify their services or products use unique trademarks. When a company uses the particular trademark, it will not be used by another company but will be used to recognize the services or products from such a company. The owner of the trademark can be a business organization, a legal entity or even an individual. The trade mark is important because it can be used to locate label, package, and even voucher. These signs can be found in almost all the products of the company. The trademarks are being used for the sake of corporate identity. Trademarks are important because they display the company's unique characteristics. The audience is the business people, individuals, and corporate societies. Sorify will be used to identify the audience and how they will use the products of the particular company.

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A Patent

A patent is an exclusive right that is granted by a sovereign state. The aspect is guaranteed to an inventor or an assignee for a particular period. It is important because it provides an exclusive right to the entrepreneur or the inventor to use the product and enjoy the benefits of the product. The invention has been considered one of the most important solutions to the technological problems. However, for an individual to protect his or her products, he or she must patent the products from his or her company. The audience can be reached through the online description of the products. The audience is the innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors who are targeted to be taught on the importance of patenting their products.

Trade Dress

It is an intellectual property right that aims at creating the visual appearance of the products in a unique manner. The packaging is also designed in a different manner and this will allow the uniquely marketing of the products. It has been known as a form of intellectual property right in this age of technology. It is important because it allows the companies or products to sell the products that are unique from those of other companies. The main audience is the companies, business people or different companies that market their products. Sorify is significant in reaching the potential audience who have product products that require trade dress. The purpose is to create awareness among the users to know the importance of engaging in trade dress of their products. This will create unique products and thus eliminate the conflicts that companies have been witnessing as far as the physical appearance of their products is concerned.

Industrial Design Rights

Industrial design rights is a form of intellectual property right that provides industries with the right to protect the visual design of the products and services from such companies. It involves the creation of shape, composition of pattern and configuration. Furthermore, three-dimensional coloring is also conducted through the industrial design rights. The main purpose is to provide the audience with knowledge of the protecting the visual designs of their products. The audience is the industry owners, companies, and even business men. Through this, novelty, originality and visual appeal of the products will be created. This differentiates the products of the company from those produce by other companies which in turn eliminates the conflict of such companies in the market.

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