Where the Willingness Is Great Difficulties Cannot Be Great

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A wise man by the name Winston Churchill once said, Success is never final and failure is never fatal; it is the courage that counts. Well, take a moment and think this through, let it sink in and internalize it. It is a human tendency to judge others or even our very own selves with results. Good results and wins are often celebrated and appreciated. Similarly, failures and mistakes are criticized. What is so wrong with this school of thought? The fault comes in where we fail to see the effort, courage and will power that one put in to get where he/she is. Dont get me twisted; Im personally not against the fact that the end justifies the means but this criterion overlooks the magnitude of willingness and motivation behind a particular result.

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In the face of great difficulties, most people are tempted to quit as it is the easy way out of any situation. However, what they call quitting is code for running away from their problems. Doing this gives them temporary peace since they will be forced to embark on the same at a later date. The best way to overcome a challenge is to face it. It doesnt matter how great it is or how much time it will take you to solve it but quitting is the only surest way of losing. Besides, what people tend to forget is that they miss 100% of the shots/chances they never take and that success is not an overnight story.This mentality has changed my way of thinking, perspective and my reaction towards life challenges. If anything, it has been the realest motivation to me and my all-time favorite quote. When it comes to education, it has not always been a smooth sailing for me. I wouldnt consider myself a literal genius but the hard work, dedication and determination I put would have you mistake me for one. Despite the extensive syllabus I have had to cover in a limited time and exams that have me worked up, I never give up. More so, this only challenges me to work and study harder. I accept challenges as they come and I have learnt how to be a source of self-motivation of my own.

With this can-do spirit, I have been able to achieve things I never thought I would. As a fact, I even surprise myself with my abilities especially when it comes to handling difficult situations that need precise and calculated moves. I cheated on my fears with my willingness to succeed and my new found ambition has also been a source of inspiration to my friends; something I take pride in. Im set and focused on using this energy to pursue my short-term and long-term goals which includes taking business as a major.

Im more determined than ever to better myself with this school of thought. It does not stop at education level but rather extends to the next stage of life; a stage where I make things happen as opposed to sitting and watch them happen. I believe with the right amount of motivation and will power, I can do just about anything I set my mind on and put my time in. For instance, in the not so distant future I plan on starting internship program as a mechanic so I can acquire hands-on skills on the basics as I work towards perfecting the same.

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