Todays Drivers Dangerous Habits

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Thesis: In this essay, I contemplated the most dangerous habits of drivers, and explained the reason of their behavior.

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Todays Drivers Dangerous Habits

We live in time, when car is the most popular transport, and almost everyone has at least one car. All the drivers have their own habits which are mostly negative. Usually, the majority of traffic accidents are caused by drivers dangerous habits which they used to practice on the road. Some people have never thought about it, but most car accidents happen because drivers do a lot of unnecessary action while driving. Everyone has a potential possibility to stack up, and it does not depend on whether you are experienced driver or beginner. But if you have such dangerous habits as speeding or slow driving in different zones, eating while driving, sometimes failing to use turn signal or listen to music too loud, it is the possibility that one day you will have a car accident.

This day has been so lucky at work. Your boss shouted at you, you broke your favorite tea cup and forgot lunch that your lovely wife prepared in the morning at home. So, in the end of a business day, and you happily get into your Volvo XC60 and drive home. The only your thought is to get home as quickly as possible because a food cravings has captured you. You step on the juice and do not pay attention to anything. Speed driving inspires you, and somehow it satisfies hunger and you feel yourself more comfortable. You turn you favorite song The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd louder and travel in time recollecting your youthfulness, your first car, first girlfriend, and first rock concert. Suddenly, the cell phone is ringing, and you are return to the reality. You have not awaited that it would be so unexpected, and hardly cope with your running Volvo. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, cell phone is one of the devices which are the main reason of car accidents. Many people use cell phones regularly to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues in order to inform something very important. But at the same time, this process draws attention away from the road. Immediately, you take the call because you are interesting what happens. This is your wife who asks you to buy coffee and a bar of chocolate in Food Town. This mixed feeling of irritating and fear of death has influenced your further driving. You stop at the Food Town and go to the shop. You happy mood is spoiled because you recall your hanger and dangerous driving experience. Despite the order of your lovely wife, you decide to buy a sandwich and eat it while driving. It does not matter that you are not so far from your home, famine is stronger. You get into your Volvo, in left hand you have the sandwich, and in right hand is your Volvos steering wheel. Life becomes better, and you decided to drive faster again. This sandwich is so delicious that you forget where you are driving and do not notice any traffic signs. While you are eating the most delicious sandwich in your life, you are driving near school zone. In the result of your irresponsibility, you struck a friend of your son who cries lying on your car bonnet. After three seconds, you realize it and cannot move. You are not hungry yet, and you do not feel angry with your wife. But you hurt a child and you do not know what to do. The only you are guilty in this accident because it is you who picked up the phone, eat the sandwich while driving, and, consequently, hurt the child.

Sitting in the Volvo and feeling the ignorance of what has happened, you do not want to accept the reality. Is it real? The Dark Side of the Moon is still playing quietly and you are realizing that the sandwich is the biggest mistake in your life. You think to run in order to escape a punishment, but people are calling police and taking pictures of your car. You are scary and hardly force yourself to go out of the car. This crying child is whipping up tension, and you are hesitating to touch him. You hear a police siren, and still cannot believe that you have done it. Few minutes ago, sitting on the back seat of the police car with handcuffs on your hands and listening to your rights, you are thinking about what to say to your lovely wife, your son, and mother of your hurt child. You try to imagine their faces, their reactions on all your justification. But you know that this foolish accident has not any justification. You are guilty.

The person, who gets behind a wheel, has to feel a high level of responsibility of his own life and lives of others. Certainly, everyone has bad habits and anyone cannot avoid it. But we must realize how dangerous we are while driving car and using celling phone, eating, and listen to loud music simultaneously. These actions are not urgent when you are on the road. We must understand it clearly that our life is priceless and any other things cannot be more necessary than it.

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