Writing a Book on Pregnant Women

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Besides nutrition as a business opportunity, I would also like to write a book about pregnant women. This is because I have experience as I have gone through the process of pregnancy. While my husband and I were in America, we decided to learn more about pregnancy. We knew little about this topic, and so we thought it would be better to read and improve our knowledge of pregnancy. This would equip us with the necessary knowledge that is required so as to avoid any mistakes during this important step in the life of humans. Reading of books on pregnancy inspired me to start writing about my feeling and everything that took place during each trimester. Pregnancy is also a time of transformation and deep questioning for most women.

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I started writing my journal which I wrote at a specific time each day. In all the writings I took between 15 to 20 minutes without stopping. All this time, I felt like I was writing to my child. This is the book I intended to give my child as a gift. The writing of the journal became my private place, where I put down everything I felt during the pregnancy. In intend to sell the book at the library, eBay and Amazon. There are also other sites where buyers can buy the book directly from me. This book will be for everyone, who has interests in reading about my experiences during the pregnancy. The book will also act as a guide, offering solutions to the problems women experience during pregnancy.

This book is going to be written in an unbiased way and it will be a great primer for the first time parents, no matter the kind of birth they plan to have. The book will include information on what happens to a womans body and the baby from conception to delivery. There will also be sections on nutrition as this is the key to having a healthy pregnancy. The notes on nutrition will guide the women on how to combat morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue, what to eat before and during pregnancy to prevent ear infections, asthma, allergies and autism in the baby. This semester, I am planning to take a course about pregnant women in Maywood University.

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