Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy

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Counseling frequently involves a complex commitment to make relevant changes or adjustments in ways of thinking, mentality and behavior of a patient. It is important to note that counseling involves two-way traffic as it requires time, energy and financial investments from the patient to enable changes in their thinking patterns thus learning new approaches to dealing with thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perception and behaviors. Counselors are always advice to consider measurable goals to enhance sustainability and positive response during the treatment.

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The case study analysis clearly points out that the client is stressful through emotions in mind. The stresses are caused by loss of employment leading to financial problems, feeling of loneliness as the husband is deployed overseas, individually raising her son alone, and lack of support from family and friends. It is an unpleasant scenario as it can lead many diseases and even death of the client. For efficient management of the customers stress, the counselor needs to state the following goals and their respective implementation strategies to achieve success.

To improve the overall mood of the client

This goal is meant to tackle depression, family conflict, build a relationship with friends, sleepless nights and parenting. To manage these, the client must always celebrate little successes God has provided each day by use of positive self-talk. Seven to eight hours restful sleep every night is also significant in managing her stresses. It is vital to also adopt approaches of distracting thought during rumination of the past happening.

Have knowledge and application of conflict management skill.

The client should accept that there must be conflict among individuals in the society and therefore one should have an understanding of the different ways of resolving conflicts for instance family disputes. It is prudent to avoid walking away from stressful conditions or situations completely, have zero days out of seven of fighting with siblings or parents. Moreover, always listen more, follow instructions and show respect by avoiding fighting back, adopt three effective ways of communication when annoyed and always express anger politely avoiding yelling, yapping and use of foul language.

To improve parenting skills

Parents should never give up in their responsibility of raising their family. Always focus on the positive feelings, attitude, and emotions rather than having never thought about the husband who is away on work duty.

To cope with daily life stressors and always take things in a stride.

It will enable the client efficiently deal with everyday stress such as financial problems. Creatively come up with an entrepreneurial mind that can generate income to support the family. Besides, having a twenty to thirty minutes exercise every day will give you a positive response. Freedom of false thoughts and beliefs about the family is also the strategy of managing the stress.

Counseling theory and if appropriate for short- or long-term counseling?

There are different methods counselors use in efficiently interpret the clients behavior, attitudes, feelings, and thoughts afterward assisting them transferring the clients from diagnosis to treatment. In employing psychoanalytic approach am focused on long term counseling of the patient as I will determine the unconscious determinant that pushes the her behaviour through adoption of free association with the cousellor, dream analysis examining dreams to know vital information about the uncounscious and transference techniques. The aim of using the techniques is to efficiently manage the stress by putting more energy on the past relationship and also if there was past traumatic condition in childhood.

The counselor's role with client

The counselor should always be friendly and likable with high interpersonal skills. Moreover, customers need person-specific attention by being readily available and highly flexible to meet the clients needs. A caring attitude is also necessary for counseling as it will give patients some real insights for recovery. In most cases, integrity highly needed as some information are secret and vital which require secrecy.

The clients role in counseling

The counselors role is to ensure high motivation level to enable recovery of the customer. To achieve this, the instructor needs to link the information and skills with the clients personal recovery goals. In turn, this assists the participant link the ability to either a condition or a situation in her life. Moreover, the counselor has to give hope and positive expectations during the counseling period. Also, to avoid demoralization of the clients based on their past life condition or situations, the counselor should re-define past experiences in a positive way thus avoiding discouragements.

For what population(s) is this theory most appropriate? How does this approach address the social and cultural needs of the client?

The psychoanalytic theory is highly appropriate as discussed earlier in populations that need more energy on past relationships analysis particularly in traumatic conditions in the past childhood life. Also, the approach focuses on the group that has a mental problem including psychological problem, anxiety, personality, eating, family conflict, sleeping, relationships and drug and substance abuse. In addressing the social needs of the clients, the theory encourages real connection in the society for instance advocating for peaceful coexistence through conflict resolutions. On the other hand, the theory, the cultural requirements of the clients through fostering of the behaviors that significantly upholds the values in a given society.

What additional information might be helpful to know about this case?

It is significant to ask the client the approaches she has taken in trying to manage the stress she has been undergoing through in her life. This information is important as it will give the counselor a tip of where to begin. Moreover, the information can also expose some of the either bad or good thoughts she has been thinking about her stressful life. Therefore, the counselor wills advice on the active approaches while discouraging the negative ones.

The risk in using the approach

The approach may seem to be risky as it may not tackle the underlying problem. The patient need much emphasis on her present situation rather than their past relationships that may be insignificant in handling the problem.


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