The Positive Effect of Divorce on Children

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In Richards article she highly emphasis on the positive impact that divorce has on children. She tries to emphasis on how unhappy homes greatly affects kids as compared to a divorced ones. She argues that an environment where there is abuse and violence is not healthy thus, divorce can be an option in order to provide an appropriate setting. Therefore, this will ensure that children develop respect for their parents because they do not see them fighting. Richard emphasis that remarrying will provide a good atmosphere and bring the sense of a happy marriage. This is because children create more friends when the other step parents come with their kids. Richard emphasis that divorce bring out the best in children especially the older siblings. They protect their younger sisters and brothers because of their past experiences by making sure they are okay and being compassionate towards them. Richard explains how parents are unfriendly and hostile to each other toward their divorce thus, separation would be a wise decision because children would benefit since they are not living or breathing in such environment. Therefore, she paints out a picture of how a family situation before divorce and after separation hence convincing the reader.

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Richard also argues that divorce is a learning process for children because they will learn from their parents that relationship dont have to break completely but can remain friendly while sharing responsibilities. She further explain her argument by emphasizing that parents should act mature after divorce and deal with their problems in a civil way because this will gain more respect from their children. Richard assert that divorce can also be beneficial to the parents since it can make them to be better parents because they will value their time with their kids and get to reconnect with them.

The articles really paint out the picture of the positive impact of divorce in younger generation. Richard has used a different approach since she has compared two environment and made a conclusion based on the positive changes thus, making it more convincing. In addition, she has vividly explained various scenarios for better understanding of the concept.

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Richard, Naomi. The Positive Effect of Divorce on Children, 2014. Retrieved from accessed 22 October 2016

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