The Onset of the Civil War

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The current civil war had resulted from the formation of the Confederate States that were attacked on 12th April. Some of the states that made up the Confederate States include Florida, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and South Carolina. The northern states had different perspectives in how they should treat slaves from that of the South (Bellah, 2013). The early 1861 developments made it possible for the differences between the southerners and the northerners to be recognized in the society since the Northerners saw it necessary to treat slaves with dignity. The differences between the Northerners and the Southerners led to the conflict of interest as the slaves in the south opted to work in the north where they could be valued and given recognition.

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The blockading of the Confederate ports

This was a move to paralyze the operations of the states that had already seceded from the union because of ideological differences over how slaves should be handled. The 1861 blockages have been implemented by the Union navy forces who are well armed and positioned at the Gulf Ports and the Atlantic with the aim of blocking the passage of goods to the states, thus hindering their trading activities (Fearon, & Laitin, 2013). This made it difficult for the states to acquire more and new arms that could be used in the civil war, a move that can be used to illustrate the need to maintain peace by the union. The decision to block these southern states from accessing the Gulf Ports and the Atlantic was timely and necessary as it resulted in the weakening of the rebelling states that advocated for the harsh treatment of slaves.

James the southern slave

James is a black slave in one of the confederate states, Florida, who has been subjected to a lot of trauma and inhuman treatment as a slave. His master does not offer decent accommodation and meals and is always subjected to work for long hours with low pay. After learning that the northern states considered slaves (and industrial workers) as important people in the society who need recognition and appreciation, he decided to run away in the bid to travel to the north. A one on one discussion with him revealed that he was comfortable with his work, but his master could subject him to inhumane treatment, making him consider looking for an escape plan to the north where he could have a decent life. At the onset of the war, many people died but Thomas Jefferson, the Confederate General, refused to concede even if they had more casualties. The war greatly affected James, but he was among the lucky ones to arrive at their destinations (the north).

Implications of the civil war

The civil war is one of the events in the American history that degrades its reputation and thus the necessity of looking for a better and peaceful alternative to end it. For instance, the war has led to emotional disturbances, death, and loss of property, a condition that cannot be forgotten in the countrys history. Instead of directing resources towards development, the authorities have been forced to focus on the acquisition of superior arms that can be used to win the battle. Therefore, the war has resulted in stagnation in the countrys economic and social development, thus the necessity of the Confederate States to treat slaves with dignity.


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