The Mission Statement of the Texas Civil War Museum

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The Texas Civil War Museum located in Fort Worth, Texas is the largest custodian of civil war artifacts and clothing that are of particular historical significance. One striking collection at the museum is the Victorian Dresses that consists of more than two hundred dresses. Furthermore, the galleries contain the Magnolia Mercantile gift shop made of specialty items from the Civil War and Victorian era. The museum was established in 2006 with the mission, to collect and preserve artifacts relating to the history of the American Civil War and the role Texas played in the conflict. In its current status, the contents of the facility meet this mission by not only exploring the participation of Texas and Texans in the Civil War but also presenting the history of the Confederate veteran associations, the events that immediately followed the post-war Texas, and historic Texas Confederate Museum.

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Collections, Exhibits, and Educational Programs of the Texas Civil War Museum Fort Worth, Texas.

Despite the fact that the Texas Civil War Museum commissioned in January of 2006, it contains materials that link the present with epical moments in the era of civil wars. It's three separate galleries showcase three important artifacts of civil war America. The three galleries display the civil war collection, Victorian dress collection, and United Daughters of the Confederacy Texas Confederate collection. Along with its diverse sets of exhibits, the museum also accommodates a movie theater with a capacity of seventy-five seats alongside the Magnolia Mercantile presenting specialty gift items of the Civil War and Victorian periods. Though the museum is not a research library, it has a remarkable uniformity of display design and message that is an embodiment of the fact that it was built and planned by the same person.

In its completeness, the entire museum forms an inverted U structure made up of straight lines and a single path except for some small partitioned space in the building. Some of the impressive collections available in the museum include Ray Richey and Texas Civil War Museum artifacts interspersed in the cases. The right side of the building comprises of the groups from Texas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacies and Judy Richey collection.

One unique feature with the TCWM display of collection is that it follows the aspect of categorization but not chronology as applied by other similar facilities. In the first room of the museum, a visitor enters the infantry which is an expansive hallway which displays objects that extend almost along the entire length of the long walls and partially on the short walls. This spacious corridor has five display cases that form two lines parallel to one another and the encasing walls. The next room of the building hosts the flag room. The five flags and swords therein resonate with the period of the civil wars that necessitated both a sense of patriotism and bravery respectively.

In the next room I the cavalry with adequate sitting space for video watching. Apart from the video area, the remaining part of the cavalry room contains a variety of artifacts related to cavalry. The next room which is the artillery consists of artillery-themed objects such as a cannon and a Coehorn mortar occupying a central position. These objects are reminiscent of the remarkable civil war period characterized by the use of both crude and sophisticated weapons to gain prominence. The medical-navy room has wall cases and objects related to medicine, field surgery and the two navies involved in the war. The Texas Confederate Museum Collection area contains a combination of chronological and thematic order. The theme manifest in this room traverses the principle path of cases that extend to the end of the civil war. The post-war objects are at the beginning and post-war items at the end of the room.

Any visitor on leisure or an educational trip to the museum can also learn from the contents of the last room of the building which is typical of deceptive prominence. Its exhibit area has items from the Judy Richey collection with a particular focus entirely on the civilian female fashion right from the 1860s up to the 1890s. The displayed collection in this part of the museum is consistent with the exhibit methods of the Ray Richey objects. These artifacts and display methods that mark the civil war area of the structure epitomizes the TCWMs different exhibition philosophies. This house provides wall after wall display replete with similar artifacts bearing unique stories of their respective eras.

The other critical objects from which visitors to the museum can learn about include six ship models and the cannon carriage. Moreover, all the other three-dimensional objects that are arranged on the walls are unique to the civil war period hence critical in reconnecting the contemporary America with its pertinent history. The building showcases a mixture of personal and military historical works such as a pocket watch and military equipment including the Canon. The majestic arrangement of the material in the museum in order of themes including the infantry, cavalry, artillery, medical corps and two navies successfully create a succinct imagery of the civil war period.


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