The Migration History of Humans

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Human migration deals with the movement of people from one place to another in search for better temporary or permanent settlements. The migration can be done either internally or externally around the country. The popular movements practiced in the past were from one to country to another or different continents. Historically, the migration of human inhabitants began with the circulation of the Homo erectus (Bellwood 20). They were known to be among the earliest arrival people in the evolution of humankind. They migrated out of Africa across Eurasia very many years ago. It led to their replacement by the Home sapiens that appeared to settle all over Africa around one hundred and fifty years ago.

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The Homo sapiens later moved out of Africa and spread to different continents such as Europe, Asia, and Australia among others. The early migration was influenced by various factors such as low availability of food supply, climate changes, war and calamities among others. When people found better places with stabilized climates and sufficient food, they settled there for a particular time. However, when inadequacy emerged they began their journey once more and moved to look for other places with sustainability which caused the individuals move around to different countries and continents.

Moreover, as the migration accelerated, it led to the differentiation of various types migration. They included labour, refugee and urban migration respectively. Due to these movements, they resulted in industrialization and colonization of the African countries. Industrialization contributed significantly to increasing global economy to the global labour markets. Thus, it was found that the migration of Africans to American countries led to their colonization by the Americans since they had power over the African States.

Scientists View on Human Migration

According to the scientists, the human migration history is quite complicated. They supported the opinion that modern humans moved out of Africa about fifty years ago. They went to different parts of the world thus, replaced the human species leaving there such as the Neanderthals. However, the scientists believed that genetics contributed more to the human migration history (Andryszewski 39). Moreover, the genetics studies reveal that people have migrated and mixed a lot with different species more than in the past especially in the last ten thousand years as compared to the fifty thousand years. Technology has aided in the identification of the history of human migration. It discusses the history of people with the idea of using DNA. Genetics analysis comprises a comparison of different DNA of various sets of species. They identify which species evolved earlier than the others which are accomplished by the aid of the emergence of technology.

Technology View in Human Migration

Technology deals with the use of scientific information for practical purposes. The technology has helped in the reading of human genome which comprises of very many letters. Whenever a single letter is misspelled, it causes alteration of the genome which may lead to the wrong identification of human history. Thus, the innovation of technology has come to benefit such activity in the last ten years. It has broken down the DNA into small pieces and then sequenced each of them discretely but concurrently to combine them into a full genome to make it easier to observe the human history. Also, the history of human is facilitated by the medical genetics whereby the data collected from people who died a long time ago reveals their type of species. The DNA of such individuals is taken from their fossils allowing direct view of the genomes of past populations. Thus, make it possible to analyse the history of human migration.

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