The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

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The origin of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews dates back to the 20th century. It is not an existing conflict that can be traced to the historical origin of the people. Neither is the disagreement a result of contradicting religious beliefs. While it is true that the Palestinians were composed of Muslims, Christians, and Druze, the struggle between the Palestinians and the Jews have nothing to do with religion. Instead, the disagreement is primarily a scuffle on land. The Palestinians argue that the land under siege was originally theirs on the basis of international law, at least prior to 1948. However, the war in 1948-1949 caused the division of Palestine into three partsIsrael, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The conflict only involves approximately 10,000 square miles, however, both parties could not reconcile their issues as to who will have total political control on this small piece of land.

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Both parties offered their own perspective as far as their claims to the land is concerned. The Palestinians argue that they own the land in quest by basis of what is written and documented under the international law. Furthermore, the claim dates back fathered than the early 20th century because Palestine has always been caught in a struggle of territorial claims. This was resolved when the Ottoman Empire, who was by that time weakening their control over the countries they control including Palestine sought their help to drive the Arabs away. In return for the favor that the British received from the Palestine awarded them with the authority over the land in disputes. This was recognized by the international law as a binding agreement between the British government and the Palestinian.

Nevertheless, the claim of the Jews was more motivated using religious arguments. According to them, the land that they are claiming rightfully belongs to them as instituted in the Sacred Scriptures. It was a biblical promise of Abraham and his posterities because it is believed to be a historical site for the Jews. Furthermore, the Jews insist that Israel was prophesized to hold the Jewish kingdom. On the other hand, the Palestinian Arabs have their own rightful claim based on occupancy. Under the international law, a group of people my rightfully claim over a territory which their ancestors occupy for a specific period of time. Tracing down to history, the Palestinian Arabs argue that they have satisfied this basic tenet in the international law and they should be awarded of the territory.


After getting the sides of both parties and getting a full understanding of the merits of both arguments, it has come to the conclusion that this issue may not be resolved unless all countries would join in the effort to harmonize the conflicting parties. All countries have their own rightful claims. The Palestinians are arguing by virtue of history. Nevertheless, they should realize the events that took place after 1948 and re-establish whether the disputed territory still rightfully belong to them. On the other hand, the claims of the Jews are a little difficult to debate on simply because they are using religion as their primary argument. No one can argue on the basis of religion because it will be difficult to arrive at a conclusion that could justify the truth in a claim that could not summon solid evidences having to argue that God awarded the territory to their ancestor. At the end of the day, the international law on the basis of geographical and territorial boundaries would be the best argument.

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