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The general distinction between Justice and Revenge is quite distinctive, and people might even try to marvel if there is more to it than just the mere definition difference. Revenge is the retaliation of another party who has been wronged against the person that has caused the wrong. Justice means to be fair or straight or even to be equal. It is considered as the quality of being righteous and loyal towards someone or even a state ("Getting Even: Revenge As a Form of Justice" 37). The two are related since individuals tend to retaliate if they have experienced an unfair act and if they do not get justice, they opt for revenge.

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Revenge: A Story of Hope

Just like Laura Blumenfeld's search for the man Omar who had shot her father went down. She felt that she needed to go after her father’s shooter and seek out his humanity so she can avenge her father. The act of lack of justice led her to various countries and to the depths that were darker with hatred and a mind full of irrational acts (Blumenfeld 60). The principle of revenge is regarded as an eye for an eye. The moral issue that can be of concern is the fact that if revenge can be justified and be equally part of justice if it is about seeking retribution for the wrongdoing.

Is Revenge Ever Justified?

I believe that revenge is justified only if the purpose serves justice. It can be viewed as an even trade or simply as karma. The fact is what goes around comes around strikes better for revenge in the ounce of retribution. Most people around the world are not usually rational when they have been wronged just like Laura. The emotions get the better of us, and we need someone to assure us that we will get justice otherwise most people would want to take justice into their hands and avenge for themselves or for the people they love and care about (Gerber and Jackson 61). I think revenge can be justified if one is seeking retribution just as with Laura’s father. She went to very deep levels and finally she was able to feel relieved although her father’s shooter was already in prison.

In Laura’s book, she indicates that there is hope for those who feel that they have been wronged and need to seek justice. She went all the way to Palestine in search of her father’s shooter as a sign that she wanted retribution and for the man to face his humanity and claim his sins. Justification of revenge can only be condoned if it gives retribution (Blumenfeld 62). The shooter was already incarcerated and paying for his crimes, and it serves him better since Laura’s father was alive. Laura could not push his revenge further when he learned that Omar was already paying for his mistakes. Revenge should be justified if it seeks out justice for the wronged fellow and not act out of emotional extremism.


Some people in the world seek revenge, and others seek justice, but it goes to the fact that if we all have justice, then there would be no need for revenge. Once one feels that they have suffered unjust loss or injury, they might result in negative emotions and may make the perpetrator feel the same pain they felt (Gerber and Jackson 61). Revenge can be caused by a combination of pain and anger, and it can be personal meaning that it is not easy to counteract those feelings and one is already in a state of high immersed emotions and lack of reason. As much as revenge can be justified, the person carrying it out is driven by hate, anger, jealousy, and hurt and they could put him or her in a vulnerable situation that he was.

Victims of unjust acts or situations might want to restore their dignity in the society and increase their stature, and in so doing, they might ensure that the perpetrator is remorseful for their actions and he or she seeks retributions for doing the wicked deeds. The cycle of violence can be broken, and instead, honor can be restored when justice is embraced since if we all kill each other, then there would be no one left to bestow justice.

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