Socio-Economic Spheres of the Peruvian Society

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The population of Peru has seen some of the most dynamic changes in its core ethnicities. Since the 1950s, the 65% population has moved from rural settings to urban areas. Increased immigration into the country also has had an important impact on the countrys informal sector and overall economic output (Lama, 1999). In this article, Peru is critiqued, with the article focusing its demographics, socio-cultural ergonomics and economic growth in the last half of the 20th Century. The article looks at Lima, Perus capital as a primary area of focus. The city has a rich history, the diversification of the countries ethnicities and its value as an influence in the development of the countrys economy (Lama, 1999).

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Among the examples given is the history of Lima. Originally home to the Itchyma people, whose cultural significance define the culture of Lima. Its traditional cultural elements involved the use of ceramic tiles and balconies in their architecture (Lama, 1999). The traditional culture of the city has since changed given the continuous wave of immigrants coming into the country since, 1940. It is important to note that the differences in the socio-economic structure of the Limeno (Residents in Lima) have significantly changed since the arrival of immigrants from the Andean villages another Andean country (Lama, 1999).

Some of the changes that this immigration has seen include, the growth of the informal sectors, which produces approximately 90% of the total textile, footwear and furniture industry (Lama, 1999). A majority of the immigrant in the country are proponents and have thrived in the informal sector by owning small businesses in the urban areas in the country. The growth of the economy in Peru has led to a large migration of people from the rural sectors to the urban sectors. This migration has also fueled the continued development and diversification of the countrys population and economy (Lama, 1999).

The article gives a thorough record of the socio-economic spheres of the Peruvian society. With a special focus on Lima, the author was able to clearly define their arguments citing examples of the differences in the historical perceptions of the countrys capital Lima, and the wave of change that has seen it critically develop into a metropolitan. The causes of these socio-economic changes have also been detailed in the paper, citing the importance of the informal sector to the countrys economy. This also improves the arguments of the author.

An important addition to the article is the causative reasons behind the immigration that the country recorded in the 1940s through to the late 20th Century (Lama, 1999). These causes are important pointers to the social-economic and political stability in the country throughout this period. Additionally, the author was able to detail the change that the immigrants brought to the country. The author then goes on to detail the changes that the country realized after the politically fueled violence in the late 20th Century (Lama, 1999).

In studying the population and demographics of Andean Countries, this article gives a succinct analysis of the countrys demographic history and structure. The value of the informal sector to the economy is also an important addition to the article as it puts emphasis on the economic development of the country. Additionally, the paper focuses on a period where the countrys demographics was severely impacted by changes in politics. This is an important addition as it is in this context that Lima and Peru as its parent country shaped their demographics (Lama, 1999).


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