Reporting Requirement for a Restricted Group RRSP

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The company requires to have first employees who are receiving either of the following incomes; salaries and wages, pay tips and gratuities, bonus and vacation pays, employment benefits and allowances, retirement allowance, income for specific situations and any other employment income. Issuing such compensation requires the employer to fill the T4 form. T4 forms must be filled annually, on or before the last day in February in the conventional preceding year. T4 forms are a federal requirement for all registered employers issuing any of the above-named compensations.

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The T4 slip is not reported on the accrual bases income that is earned but on the cash bases when the period check is prepared. The filling for the group is limited to the upper limit of $500 per year which is tax allowable. T4 slips are prepared even for the retirees and former employees if they receive any employment income in the calendar year. Every employee in the cohort should have a Social Security Pin, and the employer needs to compose detailed historical record of every individual employee in that restricted access Group RRSP.

Failure to deduct the contributions (withheld at the source) and remit as required, the employer faces a penalty of 10% of the required amount. There is a similar treatment to both resident and non-resident employers and vice versa to employees requirements.


The remitting dates are employer dependent when the employer pays for the services rather than the pay period. A regular remitter such as monthly is required to remit the withholding proceeds by 15th the following month after the pay. The amount is strictly in Dollars even where the employer pays in other currencies. The employer can apply for other remittance frequencies per se. Remittances returns and forms must be filled as they fall due, either by filling the paperwork or online. There are more retting options by mail, at your financial institution and using the ATM. In case of remittance error, the employer might complain by addressing a short letter to relevant office, and reduce the following month remittance by the erroneous amount. When late to remit, the employer should apply for late-remitting penalty inter alia.

To be viable for registration to operate this pension plan, the company must be a going concern, has no intent to cancel or lose its permanent employees as well as intents to cease to remit statutory remittances. The company qualifies other preliminary requirements such as fit computer systems to run the payroll deductions. The IT department is to review and maintain the computer systems to meet the requirements inter alia.

The statutory requirements in relation to group RSSP call for immediate adjustment of the payroll system, there is withholding of income imminent responsibility arising, that prompt the above-named payroll changes. The salary bill of the company is significantly deemed to inflate, considering the matching employer contribution of up to 3%. The plan is sustainable at low levels of workforce, we are the typical firm to enjoy such benefits since with the high employee turnover, the Group plan is favorable to the firm and it reduces such adverse of high employee turnover, because the plan is a non-conventionally pay rise of up to 3%, increased tax shield.

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