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It is with great pleasure that I express my interest in the Associate Consultant position at Bain & Company. I am Masters Students undertaking Actuarial and Financial Science at Curtin University in Bentley. Being a highly motivated and self-driven student seeking a career opportunity that involves a conglomerate of industries geared towards solving challenging business problems, Bain & Company is the right company for me. Not only have I been tremendously impressed by the approach and focus that Bains does for its customers, but I find it special that all the staff working at Bain emphasized on the cultural diversity for sustainable growth. An opportunity as an associate consultant at Bains will grant me the opportunity to thrive in an environment that involves intellectual rigor while at the same time helping to solve todays global business challenges.

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With a strong background in finance and accounting, I believe that my academic and professional backgrounds have prepared me for the analytical and problem solving challenges faced in the fast paced global industry. Working with other reputable firms such as CCK Financial Solutions as a consulting intern at the treasury department granted me the opportunity to understand the financial markets. In addition to that, I was also able to get a clear understanding of the various financial instruments and risks involved in most firms. This was developed while carrying out tasks such as Value at Risk (VaR) model and detailed pricing analysis. This gave me the opportunity to know the scientific principles and methodologies behind the two financial instruments. Further exposure to the financial industry came when I was granted an opportunity to collaborate with a team tasked with preparing a proof of concept for one of the largest banks in Philippines. In this task, we were required to address and propose solutions for an extensive list of scenarios while following a strict time schedule. It is thus my firm belief that the formal learning coupled with the practical experience developed through professional tasks undertaken, will help me fit within the role at Bain.

Being part of the Committees of the Students Actuary Society at Curtin University where I serve as a treasurer has equipped me with skills in leadership, team building and capacity building. In my capacity as a treasurer, I not only take responsibilities pertaining to financial matters but also handle leadership issues such as planning and organizing events. I was able to successfully plan for the most high profile event at the institution-Poker Night 2015. In this role I was able to lead the team of other committee members where we surveyed all the options present and set up the entire venue. This not only gave me the opportunity to learn more about leadership and collaboration but also gave me the chance to put the skills into practical use as evidenced in the success of the event. Armed with the leadership and social skills learnt as the treasurer of the Society will grant me the opportunity to succeed at Bains where these skills are important assets.

The ability to deliver reliable and timely results is one of the main requirements for any person willing to work at Bains. Working as a Business Service Accountant has given me the opportunity to quantify my own performance and results. The tasks assigned to me were all budgeted in terms of resources and required me to follow a strict deadline which I was able to meet. My passion for the job gave me the chance to develop different ways to increase my effectiveness and efficiency at the work place. For the period I was working, my productivity has always been above 80% as can be seen from the office records where I was ranked among the best accountants. This was culminated by my ability to deliver under high pressure and serving the clients in a more professional manner. As a result, I earned bonuses from the Director because of my diligence and ability to connect with other employees while still maintaining higher levels of productivity. I believe this will be an important plus for Bains & Company by adding me into its team of highly efficient workers as an Associate Consultant.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Enclosed are my credentials and contacts.


Yours Faithfully

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