Birth of my Niece

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The birth of my niece is one of the memorable and significant moments in my life. It was summer break and the schools had closed. I was still in the junior school in the early stages of my education. Being the only child of my parents, I really wished I had company at home from a child of my age with whom I could play in the field and run along towards school every day. My parents had realized that there was a significant amount of sadness that was growing in me due to the lack of appropriate company of my age group. They had therefore decided long before the term came to an end to send me to my sisters place to stay there during summer and if possible to school from her place. This was because my sister was expecting and they thought that the unborn child ones born will provide a perfect company to me as I stayed with my sister at her home.

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One of the evenings during the start of the summer break, my parents visited me in my bedroom and to me, I thought that it was the usual good night wish they had come to give me. They however had a different agenda and they told me that I was going to visit my sister and stay with her for at least the whole of the summer break. I was extremely happy and the next day I went to visit her in New York City. Even at my sisters place, I still felt that I missed the company that I thought I could get. In fact, it was even worse because my sister was always tired and never played with me. She was only counting days to the day of birth.

It was a Friday morning when I had a sharp scream coming from my sisters bedroom. I wondered what had befallen her. Her husband, the house help and I rushed to her bed room to see what the problem was. On arrival she was lying on the bed in deep and excruciating pain. The labour pains had begun. Her husband quickly carried her to the car outside the house and I picked the car keys and followed them out f the house. Off, we drove to the hospital. Along the road, my sister rolled on the car seat. I gazed the pain was so much for her to bear. I sympathized with her but there was nothing I could do. I arrived at the Nazarene Hospital at 8:00 am and the nurses took her to the labour room. Lucky enough, it only took 30 minutes and my sisters husband, Steve, received a call, surprisingly from his wife. On receiving it, he got the wonderful news that my sister had given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

We went in to see the baby in their ward. The first person to have the baby as we entered was Steve, he was so happy. My turn came and as I sat on the bed besides my sister and laid my hands forward to receive the baby, tears of joy slowly welled up my eyes. I felt that the long awaited companion had just arrived in my life. Although the child was so small and rarely opened her eyes, I felt that the coming of my niece gave me a new life on this earth. I had found someone to play with in the house, on the way to school and even in the field. This was a new beginning in my life.

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