Shirley Black Temple Monologue

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Shirley Black Temple was a famous and popular child star of all time. She started acting movies at the age of 3 and shortly grew into a super high status. Shirley had the capability of doing it all: Shirley could sing, act, and was a perfect dancer. She was loved by fans as she was bright, cheerful and bouncy in all her films and millions of products with her likeness were bought. From Shirley's lifestyle, I wonder what the Black American did to deserve all the things they usually face. I feel like the suffer denial of every opportunity that avails and people take them like they cannot do that. I sometimes wish the movie starts could give the blacks a chance and opportunity that deserve. Film directors are discriminating when it comes to choosing the top actors. It is sad to accept the fact that the African American will always be assigned minor roles. I lack to understand if it is because of their color, or it is just the decision that the society has made. Mr. Lang, I extend my gratitude to you for casting me in The Little Princes. I am grateful, and I feel honored to work with you, a well-known and an excellent director. I am also happy to be starting my original movies in the Technicolor. I believe this is my chance to prosper in many things that I have been focusing on in my life.

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I only wish that you along with the other directors will consider the blacks in your movies. It is through assigning them significant roles in the films. It is because in most of the movies the only thing they do best is dancing and singing and also acting as servants. To me, these are not the only roles that these individuals can do better. It is just that they suffer denial and the opportunities to take the leading parts in your movies. I sympathize with them given that they have talents that they are not allowed to explore. Please do something regarding the issue. I know they would wish to have serious roles in your movies and given the chance, these are the most competent actors that I know. It is sad to see people who are willing and ready to take part in something neglected with no one because they can be the best.

Okay, I agree with your statement. However, I am only a concerned person, and my primary aim is to become the star of the television. If I had a chance of choosing actors, I think I will first give the Africans the senior roles rather than dancing and singing. It is the only way I believe we can manage to end inequality in the current society among the film directors. Alternatively, I can change my career to politics so that I can be in a position of fighting for the blacks' rights of the minority. I am convinced that using this strategy we will change the lives of many aspiring actors. You never know whom you will touch out there. Listening to Lang as she speaks, I agree you have a point, and you want us to be equal. However, I will encourage you to focus on achieving your dream first before being involved in other people. Shirley Temple Black replies that is also my dream, the happiness of other people matters a lot especially the African Americans. These are individuals with talents, and the only thing lacking is an opportunity. We should not take them for granted; give them the chance to prove what they are capable of doing. They are discouraged because doors are closed almost in every place; please provide them with the important roles in your movies. This literature is important to the modern days as it can trace the struggle the black people have gone through in fighting for equality. In the future, it will be seen in the film that both white and blacks will be acting interchangeable roles as there will be a total equality for all races.

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