Influence of TV Reality Life on Society

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Staged shows tend to create less suspense as compared to those shows that are filmed different unfamiliar places. In staged shows, Individuals brilliance plays an integral role in making such shows more lively (Edwards, 2013). Participating in the show is at the heart of interesting shows. The participants should be funny, and someone who knows how to attract the viewers for a longer time. In order to win more viewers, it is essential to get the viewers involved in the program by taking sides, take for example in the football l match, if a person is watching a football game and does not take sides, the game will be so boring as there will be no room for cheering and may not sit for 90 minutes to watch the game. On the other hand, when someone takes the side in the game, the chances of staying until the game ends are very high emotions will go with the development of the game. Another way of enabling interaction between the viewers and the participants is having the viewers to use the internet in order to chat with the participants (George-Graves, 2015).

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Identifying if there s a Relationship Between Age And Preference Towards Reality TV Show.

Reality programs appear to enjoy a high level of popularity among teenagers lest than 25 years. According to the research, a large number of both teen and preteens have watched popular reality programs such as the big brother. It is projected that the number of hours spends in front of the television will increase by 5%, teen and preteens will are more likely to be watching reality shows. Evidently, young people less than the age of 17 years replicate the behavior behaviors of reality TV stars and the reality shows impact their buying habit. Most of the teen are not busy as compared to an adult who spend a lot of their time on work, this means that the level of involvement among the teen with the television program is high. Individuals who are more connected to a certain reality show are more likely to watch it in real time than using other gadgets like DVR. Most of this reality shows have celebrities and other participants and majority of youths view this individuals as their role models and this makes them be more addicted to watching this shows.

Attitudes Towards Reality TV Shows Between Males and Females

According to the study, women enjoy watching reality shows as compared to men simply because they are bored. Women can multitask and the ability to do more than one thing enables them to watch their favorite shows as they do other household activities. Women like gossip and most of the reality shows do come with juicy gossips that need to spill out. Women like watching such arguments and the reality shows offers them without participating in such confrontation and gossiping (Black, 2002).

Comparing the Importance of Having Attractive Participants and Depicting Real Life Behaviours.

The majority of the respondents stated that having the attractive participant in reality shows is very entertaining and motivate. Most of the ordinary people are participants off real life TV. These individuals are on these shows because they want to something extraordinary but not because they are famous. Most individuals prefer rich and famous participants since they provide with a gap to fill in their life and this motivates the viewer. Attractive participants also mean that they are good at entertaining. Most of the respondents have claimed that the major purpose of this reality shows is for entertaining purposes and thus these participants play an important role in bringing a smile to viewers. The cameras follow the participants everywhere he/she goes every day. At this particular time, there will be high interactions this means that he is doing what he could have done in the absence of the camera. This makes it more interesting as you will have the same person going around me (Finley, 2011).


To begin with, NBN should introduce real life TV as they as appears to be the ready market. The accessibility youths to televisions are going to increase and this means that the NBN majority of youth who watch reality shows will increase drastically. Furthermore

The organization should also focus on unfamiliar how set up in order to attract more customers. Customers prefer this set an up and It improves their experience. Unfamiliar set up provide suspense and the viewers are not predicting the event. This makes them stay longer in order to make sure they have seen what was not clear.

The organization should allow the interaction between the viewers and participant so that individual can have that feeling of belongingness in the real life TV.


Reality life TV still remains dominant in our society as more individuals especially the pre-teen become addicts. Most of the individuals do not find the importance of these shows in their life. Let this be personal as already other people are benefiting as a result of watching this shows. NBN should think of coming up with more educative shows in order to get more customers.


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