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Social force refers to an element of society that possesses the capacity to cause cultural change or personal influence. The differences between social media and social forces are not easy to define since these two factors pull the same strings on individual perspective. However, social media refers to all forms of electronic communication. Users apply the use of online platforms to channel ideas and other content. Social media has resulted in social force via social networking capability. To determine the level of influence of social networking to the society of China, two students participated in an interview. The students will answer questions relating to Facebook usage against other social media available in China. The purpose of the meeting is to, therefore, determine the influence of social networking and social force on the way of living of the Chinese community. The hypothesis of this study is to interview a Chinese student who came to study in America as well as assess his opinions on Chinese social media experience and Facebook experience.

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Social force as stated earlier is any form of social communication and cohesion that controls the behavior of an individual or has the potential to change the social structure of society. The creation and adoption of personal and business relationships online have taken shape in China. The result is that massive consumption of online resources including e-commerce and integration platforms like Facebooking has totally restructured the day-to-day activities of people and companies in China. The way of life has thus changed significantly. Since Facebook is a major social media in use here in China, it is considerable that its influence on the change of lifestyle is adverse. In comparison to other forms of social media, Facebook incorporates both talking and listening aspects of networking. Companies can, therefore, post their brands and wait for consumer reaction via likes and comments features. Facebook also strive to help customers achieve the goal of building followers and fostering the relationship made regardless of the intention of those relationships. Other forms of social media differ because they are only interested in creating relations with an ultimate goal of increasing the consumer's bottom line. This social network also offers a dip and productive conversation opportunity. Such discussions are informative and are a prerequisite in developing connections and growing referral networks. Other forms of social media on the other side only try to create engagement. Other social networks like dating are time-consuming since a lot of effort has to be made to make it work. With Facebook, there is no automated way to grow relationships, but each is unique, and attention required.

Each of the two students is asked a set of question regarding their personal interactions with social media. One is 25 years of age while another is 18years of age and both are of Chinese background. Interviewing method considered since this method is quite resourceful when it comes to collecting first-hand data. A panel of interviewers will be responsible for asking questions and recording responses from the two students differently. Sample questions asked include:

What is your view on privacy and transparency concerning social media?

What are your successes with your online endeavors?

Do you incorporate branding of any product in your media activities?

How do you find the fact that Facebook is banned in China but you are able to use it in America?

Apart from Facebook, what other social media platforms are you well comfortable to use in America as compared to China?

This theoretical approach identifies the social change in the society of China. Chinese culture is a symbol of unity of states with a social system hooked by institutionalized links. The social system was earlier kept together by local cultures superseding foreign cultures. Several changes have since occurred with the advent of technology. Many cultural beliefs and values are not p due to interactions brought about by social networking. The increase in population plus the severe rate of modernization has subsequently deteriorated ancient cultural practices with new ways of life taking shape. From the interview, it is worth noting that each of the students has more than one Facebook account and other additional social media accounts including Twitter and Google+ (plus). They acknowledge that they would not disclose their real identities in social platforms for security reasons. Their reasons for such response is that social media have high risks of insecurity and therefore taking caution is recommended when using such platforms. One student is bragging of having 5000friends with over 1000likes and comments whenever he posts something on his Facebook wall. Another is so possessed with posting pictures of himself and activities he does in the day that he doesn't care about any posts not from his account. All the same, both students happen not to have branded any commercial product in his wall but have helped share posts relating to products posted via commercial sites or pages. Concerning making a post go viral, both seem to be aware of how to make such a process be a success. In their encounters with social platforms, they admit that several posts of theirs have gone viral with likes, tags, and shares exceeding 1500. They are also aware of several social media including snap chat, twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms they are well aware of.

In summary, the advent of social media and social networking in the society of China boosted industrialization and modernization by more than 50%. Businesses began to thrive, and the government stabilized the economy. It also came with a change in the way of lifestyle and cohesion. The use of phones and Internet replenished social cohesion killing the ancient way of lifestyle. The youth particularly, are incorporated into this system of a way of life to a level that it is quite in-distinguishable whether the force of social interaction has taken a toll on them or vice versa. Social networking and social media are therefore creating a massive social force that is almost inevitable in this current society. Everyone abides by its rules because no one in this century can hatch a life without an influence or an interlude of social force. China being a highly technological country is much more obliged to experience social forces than most of the countries. Our study supports that Facebook, and other forms of media are major components of the smooth running of businesses and personal lives of people.

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