What Does It Mean to Be an Educated Person

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Have you ever met or talked to a person and thought to yourself "Wow...that person was uneducated?" Most of us had a moment like that before. Throughout my life, living in two different countries, I have met people that are educated and others that are not so much. You are not born educated, but rather you learn throughout your life. Some of the characteristics a person must possess to be considered educated are standing up for what you believe, having a good communication with others, and respecting others. These are not the only defining characteristics of an educated person but the central question is who is an educated person? Answering this question makes it easier to denote the qualities of an educated person. It is important to understand that education does not only mean degrees and college certificates but encompasses a wide range of qualities such as wisdom, the ability to think and act rationally and an open-minded approach to life in general. In this sense, this paper is going to discuss some traits of an educated person in line with this thought.

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The first characteristic an educated person must have is standing up for what he/she believes in. No matter what the topic is, you must learn about it and speak up. A lot of times we are afraid to say things because of society or because people around us think differently. We must have our own opinion on things and not let others influence us. To stand up for what we believe, we must know our reasons and why we believe what we believe to be educated. It is also important to understand that sometimes people will not share our opinions and viewpoints. However, an educated person knows that it is all right to have differing opinions and that does not necessarily mean that one party is wrong. An educated person takes a stand even when others do not share his or her opinion. In addition, they are not swayed by other differing opinions just because they stand-alone and neither do they belittle another persons opinion simply because they do not share the same point of view.

Being an educated person is fighting for what he/she believes without being insincere about what their peers believe. An educated person is usually on top of everything, they know how to talk about almost every topic in some way. He/she is interested in learning and must never think they know too much. Education is about learning not teaching. In order to stand up for what you believe the person must be comfortable in their own skin, with who they really are. He/she must be able to recognize their feelings and what others feel without thinking so much of themselves.

The second trait an educated person must have is good communication. In our society today, a lot of us do not have good communication skills because of technology. We believe that everything must be done over the phone or through your computer. Good communication is knowing how to talk in person with someone rather than talking through technology which can be easy for most people. It does not matter if you are talking to the president, the CEO of a company, somebody that works at McDonalds, or the lawn workers, your communication should be the same. In this sense, an educated person knows the aspects of effective communication; they listen and give someone the chance to pass their point across, they do not cut other people in the middle of a sentence or act distracted when they are communicating. They know that communication is central in life and in getting new information, learning a variety of subjects, and getting the best out of every situation. They also embody good communication by asking questions, answering questions, and being interactive. This means that they are an active party in the process of communication. They do not remain aloof when communicating.The third characteristic an educated person must have is respect for others. We were all different in looks, in the way feel, and our opinions. Knowing our boundaries when we approach someone is very important. This is a trait we need throughout our life beginning in elementary school and until we get old. No matter how rich you are or how poor, what class of society you are respecting others is important to be an educated person. He/she must understand that everyone has their own values and he/she must respect them as they would want others to respect their own as well. They also respect those with a different way of thinking, different cultures, and morals. In this way, an educated person also tries to get as much as they can from a diverse situation; they keep an open mind that makes it easier for them to turn differing opinions into a learning experience. They respect others whether they are wrong or not and treat others with the dignity that every human being deserves.

In conclusion, we can all be educated. Sometimes we think that we need years of studying to be educated, but that is not true we can be educated even without going to college. Three traits that are essential to be educated are standing up for what you believe, having a good communication with others, and respecting others. If you have all of these characteristics then you can be considered an educated person. It is important to have an open-minded attitude in respect to these three qualities, as every situation is a learning experience for an educated person.

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