My Background in Writing Formal Essays and Research Papers

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Writing formal and research papers makes part of the most effective forms of writing in literature. In the education system and during the interviews when looking for jobs, the individuals often get obliged to write the formal letters to secure for the vacancies or the newly announced positions. Also, when doing the research the students often write projects that need to be very presentable as projects for the basis of their coursework. Looking back into my writing skills, I have done several formal writings and the research work. The past skills and efforts have employed in my writing have yielded great fruits and have presently enhanced my writing skills that get adore by numerous individuals. The paper discusses my background in writing formal essays and the research papers and examines whether they contribute to the present level writing skills.

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I came to the university in the look of education, in a dire need to gain knowledge so that it impacts in my future life, job and in the pursuit of happiness. In the school, I have done a lot of writing due to my passion of carrying extensive research and due to good communication skills, I have managed to write several formal letters, some for myself while others I have done to the other individuals. When I started writing, I knew the window of opportunity had just got opened for me and by the end of my course, I will have enhanced greatly my writing skills. When I started writing, I had my life planned out for it and I knew it will bring positive results in my future writing skills. I had known that I wanted to be a proficient writer and an effective researcher so when I had sat down and thought about it with little support from the advisors over the past few years of my writing I have known that my skills have greatly improved.

From my evaluation and reports from my advisors and readers, the research I have done are often complete and self-explanatory. They have been a minimal repetition of facts, figures, information and the conclusions. Looking back at when I started writing, I had a various repetition of facts and information in my research and formal letters with the great value of ambiguity. In the recent times, I have experienced reduced corrections on my research papers. I have wrote very comprehensive research papers that are compact when considered to the lengthy research report I used to write before. I used the language that was very difficult to understand and confusing but in the present the readers understand the entire research easily, exactly and very first.

The formal letters have written have got considered by different organizations as to portray high levels of professionalism. The letters also have got considered to have the clarity of thoughts using lucid language. The letters are also accurate in all other aspects and all the information given in the formal letters are accurate and can get verified. Considering the research papers I have presented, in the recent times, the papers give the complete pictures of the problem that is under consideration and gives reference to the relevant details that covers even the methodology used such as the questionnaires that I often prepare for the collection of data and the procedures that get followed by the committee that is marking the research (Bhatia, 2014)

I have already thought of myself as a good writer. The examination has just revealed to me the same and is happy with the reports I receive from my writing skills. In the recent times, I have enjoyed everything that I ever knew I would think about writing reports and I letters from the time I started learning to date. The advancements I have made are great and have yielded my great fame in the research field. I have learnt all the aspects of writing and my profile has been exemplary.

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Bhatia, Vijay Kumar. Analyzing genre: Language use in professional settings. Routledge, 2014.

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