Review of Health Care Law Recasts Insurers as Obama Allies

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The article Health Care Law Recasts Insurers as Obama Allies by Pear Roberts focuses on how both the government and insurance companies are benefitting from working together. Health insurance companies have in the past years been in constant disagreement with the government. They viewed the government as uncooperative and could not imagine doing business with them. The government a few years ago was not pleased by the services the insurance companies were delivering to Americans. President Obama also accused them of not providing quality services to Americans.

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According to the article this has changed especially after the affordable care act was enacted in 2010. This has brought the health insurance providers a lot of success, those especially that work hand in hand with the republicans. Their market shares have more than doubled. They now view the government as a platform to help their markets grow.

The writer believes that the relationship is going to grow as both sides work together. This is because consumers are being encouraged by both parties to enroll and get good health plans during the three months enrolment period that has been given. An estimated 170 million people will be able to get medical cover from companies like Medicare and Medicaid. As Americans look for the suitable insurance cover, both the government and the health insurance providers are working together to achieve success in the industry.

Given the current health conditions in the country, every American should have a comprehensive health plan. Am of the opinion that insurance companies should continue working together with the government; this will not only increase their profit margins but also give every American the chance to have quality and affordable health care. However, they should be more focused on the quality of services they provide to Americans rather than what they are bound to benefit from for working together with the government. Good health is very important for every human being. The government should ensure that all Americans get proper health services.


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