Methods of Illegal Immigrated Population Researching

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For the case of sampling a population of illegal immigrants, it is important to note the characteristics of the population, which include limited access to the respondents. As such, simple method of probability sampling may not be sufficient to cater for the heterogeneous population. This is because some of the populations in the study, which may represent a bigger majority of the immigrants, may get more representation in the results section as opposed to the smaller groups. This is, for example, in the case that Hispanic Americans are more likely to be illegal immigrants as opposed to African Americans. As such, I find that the stratified random sample provides the best way to go when we are dealing with this subject, as each population based on their racial characteristic can be classified into their own stratum for easier presentation. This type of research enables the researcher to get individual characteristics of each stratum. This could be the reasons behind the immigration of different peoples. These reasons can be classified based on each racial stratum.

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When considering the non-probability method of sampling, the researcher would consider that the illegal immigrants may not be available for the population selection process. This is bearing in mind the fact that it is not easy to identify illegal immigrants in a group of people because of social and legal reasons. As such, it would have to do that the research may have to use what is readily available for the purpose of the research without having to truly consider the random technique of selection. The disadvantage with using this method is its ability to mislead and provide generalizations about the entire population. Convenience sampling can thus be used because of the ease of access. This method allows for the researcher to use those easily available to them for their sampling. For example, where the researcher is interested in finding out about illegal immigration, they may approach suspects of Immigration Services to find a suitable population. This is further in consideration that it may not be easy to obtain a sample population from the public without contravening the law, and putting the respondents at considerable flight risk.

Where there is insufficient number of respondents for the study, the researcher may also be welcome to use the consecutive sampling method, where all the subjects that are accessible to answering to the needs of the study are used for its purposes. This will better represent the interests of the entire population as it provides better access to the respondents.

In this particular study, the above-mentioned technique, namely stratified random sampling would be the best approach for this study. While the non-probability method provides an avenue for the analysis of all available respondents in the study, there are still many aspects that this sampling technique doesnt cover. Such concerns are in the form of demographic factors. Race, socio-economic status, age among others is just some of the factors that cause the illegal immigration of individuals into the United States. As such, there appears to be numerous factors that can be determinants on the immigration status of the individual. These have to be considered in the course of conducting the study, which consecutive and convenience sampling may not achieve. Nonetheless, the two meet the need that is posted concerning access to respondents in the study.

The stratified random approach gives the study the ability to sample the different demographic factors that are in play in the research into illegal immigration. A consideration of these factors makes this approach the best because of the ability to categorize these factors as strata, even while considering the different other interactions of these factors. Furthermore, statistical efficiency is better achieved using the stratified approach because a basis for the creation of criteria is used. Therefore, it is more likely that the results are better analyzed in this approach as opposed to any other. In addition, this method can be used for data that is collected from different populations. Where the research may want to collect data from the Home Office, for example, and the immigrants themselves, the stratified approach provides the best way of combining both sets of data to give a productive outcome.

As suggested therefore, the best chances of obtaining research data for this consideration would be in border areas in the immigration offices. Arrests are more likely to be made on borders because of the frequency of immigrants in these areas. Furthermore, a perspective of the immigration officials can be obtained for the purposes of different outlooks on the immigration issue. This gives an overall all-round approach to viewing the illegal immigration issue. Consecutive sampling will be used in this case in order to ensure the sufficiency of respondents for the study. This is because there may be insufficient number of respondents even in these border areas, requiring the study to make do with the respondents that are available.

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