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I never thought there could be a better school out there better than my current school when I first enrolled. This decision was informed by my lack of information and limited exposure, making me think that I had the best deal around. Little did I know that there were other great schools that could make me enjoy my learning experience and bring out the best in me. I have developed a strong bond of friendships at my current school, created a great rapport with my teachers and have had a sense of familiarity with my surroundings, but I still feel that the place does not give me the opportunity to fully exploit my potential. It is a great place to be, no doubt, but I believe it is about time I moved to a better school so that I can fulfill my dreams.

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My childhood friend enrolled in a different college from mine and has been telling me how great their school is in terms of facilities. My friend knows my passion in design and has been encouraging me to transfer so as to take maximum advantage of the advanced design facilities in their school. My current school is not well endowed with the latest design technologies, and my chances of being the best in the field of design will somehow be limited. I need to compete with the best in the field using the best available technologies. A transfer to the other college will mean that I will be reunited with my best childhood friend, reliving memories of the best and creating great ones for the future. It would also give me the opportunity to expand my social networks beyond the community level into an international platform as the new college takes in students from all over the globe. In so doing I will be a global citizen, better able to grasp and appreciate the diversities existing in the world.

My reason for seeking transfer is also motivated by the need to develop my sporting skills so as to be an all rounded student. The new school has better sporting facilities as well as well-structured sporting events that promote competition not only at the school level but also at inter college level. I was the athletic champion in high school, and I would like to enhance the skills and talents at the college level as well. The new college has the best sporting facilities in the state, from the coaching staff to training facilities and I believe it will bring out the best of my athletic abilities. I intend to be the best not only in the field of design but in sporting events as well, and a new college with best facilities both in academics as well as in sports will be the best choice.

My father recently got transferred to a different state, far from where we currently live. For him, commuting daily to and fro proves hectic and inconvenient at the same time. To solve this problem, he has bought a new house in the state he has been transferred to, which coincidentally is very close to the college I intend to transfer to. My family has therefore relocated to this house, which coincidentally is very close to the college I intend to transfer to. Because of this twist of events, I will have to transfer from my current college to the new one, which is a blessing in disguise.

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