Narrative Essay on Childhood Memories

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Childhood memories form an integral part of every mature person's life. As much as some of the memories may either be good or bad, most of us tend to remember vividly and cherish only the best times we ever had as children while giving the sad times a shove into the dumpster. When I think of my wonderful childhood memories, it always leaves a sweet smile on my face.

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Childhood Memories With Brother

One of my best memories was seeing my brother again. When we met, we had long and wonderful chats about what we loved most. His passion was music. He told me how he had met with his lifetime icon artiste called Biggie Smallz. We also talked about artists like Beyonce Knowles and Pharell who never seemed to age at all. Then he suggested we go to the burger and fries place we used to while we were children. But when he saw me laughing at everything he said, he then realized a lot of things had changed. I later took him around town to see all the new places. He appreciated that I had taken the time to reconnect with him.

Middle School Memories

I can't forget the wonderful times I had back in middle school. That was the time I always acted naughty in front of everybody. I recall how I used to like applying adhesive glue on my arm then I would peel it off once it dried. Some of my friends who did not know about it always thought that I was peeling my skin off my body. I remember them staring in awe imagining how painful it felt. Back in junior school, my friends and I also liked to make paper airplanes. When the teacher was writing on the board, we would throw the paper airplanes toward him. Some planes would hit him on the back, and the other pupils would laugh out loud. However, when he asked who had done that, no one would answer him.

Unforgettable Memories With Friends

When I was a child, I liked to play with the sand. My friends and I would always build sandcastles and then later test whose castle was the strongest. Testing was done by destroying what we had built. It was so unfortunate that none of the castles ever managed to remain impervious to our little kicks. We also liked to dig ourselves some holes and loosely bury one another in the sand.

Memories of Our Family Trip

Another best childhood memory that I can recall was when my family visited the Maasai Mara National Park in Africa. The major spectacle in this park was the wild beast migration across a certain river into the neighboring country. The crocodiles lay there in wait for ready prey that thrashed themselves into the river in a bid to cross to the other side. As soon as the zebras and the wildebeest tried to cross the river, a crocodile would strike one of the animals as fast as lightning and drown it quickly enough. I remember my father telling me that it was one of the wonders of the world.


I always smile when I remember all that I did when I was but a child. They are the days that I did not fear taking any risks and would always celebrate every bit of life without any worry. I will always cherish these thoughts forever because they formed the basis of my happiness.

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