Emergence of the British Empire as a Global Power

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After the Great War, each nation needed to be the leader of all other nations around the world. European countries showed more concern in leading the world. However, before the war, each of the European countries would be regarded as powerful, but none qualified to be a superpower. British is one of the European countries that struggled for dominance and power. Primarily, the British wealth and power can be traced to Africa, Ireland, India and Middle East. In present days, their legacy is still celebrated in these areas. Therefore, it is important to understand how British Empire emerged as a global power following their conflict with other European Powers, the role America played in the struggles as well as how Britain and France's struggle touched the Indian tribes of the American interior.

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First, the British government took the initiative of colonizing most countries in Africa as well as India and Ireland. As a result, their slave trade business flourished since there were enough healthy men and women who fit as slaves from the fore mentioned countries. Moreover, their government exploited all the available resources from the African land and used them as raw materials for their industries. However, they were able to build quality weapons that for the Great War. Their economy was also stable due to their growing industries favored by a continuous flow of raw materials from their colonies in Africa. Britain was able to recruit and organize skilled military troops that were able to neutralize other nations like France and Germany.

The main reason as to why European nations fought was due to colonies. Every country needed productive and most important colonies that will boost their economy. Due to the need for dominance, Germany decided not to withdraw from fighting. The Germans said that the only way of gaining respect, power and prestige was through fighting until the end. However, United States came up with a plan of withdrawing Germany and France from the list of superpowers. British and U.S.A were liberal friends. Furthermore, British concentrated much on its economy and not fighting. After combining their powers, Germany and France were left without any other nation supporting them. Additionally, most of their territories were taken by British to ensure they do not have any power. On the other hand, the struggle between Britain and France extended until it touches the Indians. The fight was taking place on the American soil, and hence, it aroused the American. Indians tribes wanted to help the British, and hence; there was a fight between the Indians and the France. As a result, the Indians allied with both British and France and, as a consequence, neutralizing the war. Shockingly, British and most of its colonies like the Indians were seen to generate so much tension that no one seemed to understand.

In conclusion, British Empire was established through hardship and perseverance. Unlike the France and Germany, British exercised peace with their colonies. Their economy was growing tremendously, and their military strength was also advancing. However, by establishing good relationships with the United States and most of its colonies, British was able to lead and be respected by superpowers. It managed to take most of the German and France territories and hence to neutralize their powers.

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