Psychology Exploration: A Letter about Memory

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As a young and eager learner, likely to join College, it is wise for me to not only welcome you to college but also offer some free advice on some issues you shall experience while in college. The idea is to help you excel in college and have a more fulfilling life. I will focus on three topics from psychology, and it talks about memory. As you are aware, excelling in academics needs a sharp mind and a good memory. Thus, I suggest to you about three subtopics, in memory that I found useful, that is, elaborative rehearsal, self-reference effect, and distributive study.

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Elaborative rehearsal is a type of memory that exist as short whereby information that comes has a relation to the one from the long-term memory to transform it to become long-term memory. In addition to that, know what is called self-reference effect. It is a condition where long-term memory relates to oneself especially during the period of encoding to make it long term memory. Lastly, understand what distributed study is, we learned that it entails learning and memorizing ideas over an extended period rather than doing it in a short span of time.

Also, I advise that you understand human memory passes through three stages, which are the sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Additionally, encoding and retrieving information to and from memory is another process worth noting. By saying encoding is a way of relaying information between the two memory stages, while retrieval is a way of transferring information in long-term memory to make available in short-term memory. Therefore, your understanding of these processes will help you on how to read, store information in long-term memory and retrieve it, especially in your academic journey. By applying elaborative rehearsal, it will give you cues for retrieval. Moreover, I suggest you use self-reference effect during your studies because it will be easier for recovery as the information stored is somehow related to you. Lastly, apply distributed study to improve your memory. Thus, make it your plan to start revising earlier than expected as this will enhance not only your understanding of the literature but boost your memory as well.

Upon us being taught the topic on memory, I can figure out and explain the trend in my academic performance. In my 2nd year in college, I had a trend of revising towards the end of the start of examinations; however, my performance was dismal. Changing the strategy saw my performance improving drastically. Also, I have made it a rule to revisit an older concept when reading one related to it and more often than not, the newer concept becomes easier to remember than before. Furthermore, the more I relate data to either a symbol or place familiar to me, the easier it becomes to remember. Thus, when you join college, inculcate these techniques while reading and the rewards will be invaluable.

Unlike in High School, entering college will be fun for you as you will get the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. Also, there is a lot of creativity in college among students unlike in high school which I believe you will like, especially in artistry. In addition to that, the freedom that comes with you staying away from parents, in college, is a more fulfilling experience unlike in high school.

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