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I am a qualified BA marketing and media communication professional who has been in the industry for the last six years, I would like to apply for the Account Manager position, and my interest follows an advertisement on that appeared on the 4th of January 2016. The position suits my endeavor of building my career to greater heights, I have worked with one stop media company as the head of advertising and marketing for the last couple of years and thus, I believe it gives me a broad scope of knowing how to approach marketing and advertising in the media company.

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From the advertisement the job requires someone with a university degree or a college diploma in a relevant discipline, I have a Bachelors degree in communication media and marketing which is relevant to the position, for it I have the knowledge in both marketing and communication and a bonus of media know how. the candidate will have an added advantage if they have experience working in relevant media industry, I have had the chance to work with the Onestop Media Group for the last 3 years which is a well-known digital media group in Canada I have also had the chance to work with Torstar Corporations for 1 year and before then I was an intern at Craig Media Inc. For the first few months after my bachelor's, this equips me with the media experience that gives me an advantage. From the three organizations I handled duties ranging from intern to the production manager which introduced me to the ins and out of the media production industry to the assistant manager of the sales manager which gave me the insight to how the sales are run and coordinated in the industry and finally the final position where I was responsible for the department of both sales and advertising this I can say gave me a well-rounded approach to the entire media running industry. During this time I was able to enhance my skills further by taking a short course on procurement and management so that to ensure that I knew how to lead and be led by the upper management.

According to the job description as listed in the advertisement the applicant must have worked in sales and must have been involved in leading sales strategies, I was particularly in the forefront of the sales team that lead to the building of the One stop media group portfolio that lead the company being known as the Canada largest and most diverse portfolio of digital networks. That qualifies me to in charge of a team and see it propel to greatness.

My experience in the marketing media and advertisement industry has given me the knowledge to understand the interrelation and relations of people better and that way I am able to negotiate offers learn how and when training in required to advance a program and when there is need for appreciation for the team and the consumers, this also gives me the knowledge to know when and how events should be and or introduced.

Working in the advertisement docket especially as a manager I was in charge of handling the campaigns for the company this gave me the clear understanding of better sales campaigns and also when to analyze sales strategies to yield income and continual improvement.

As a manager it was important for me to learn the team and thus the knowledge of the team and with that I have been able to understand better how to motivate encourage and propel teams to do better and be the best at the output they come up with, advertisement sales handled by the my team during the time I was at Onestop Media Group were very successful being that we were able to understand the market share better and also understand the emotions to appeal to get better sales and maximize output generally, this is evident to that I can be able to handle sales team to a stance where the team can give maximum output.

Compounded I have been in the media sales and advertising industry for the last 6 years and thus, I have the knowledge of the previous years and the new generation which makes me very adaptable to changes, the experience with the three companies has also given me the chance to learn from my mistakes and also to understand that all people have something to offer in an organization thus team work is very key and also as a leader you need to give everyone on the team a chance to show what they can achieve in order to achieve desirable results. During my career journey I have been able to be a leader multiple times and from that I have learnt that the best way to be a leader is to do and let others follow and thus if one needs something done well they should start by doing it first instead of delegating first this way your team is able to follow you and work even better the same way it is important for a leader to understand his team in a way that they know who can do what which makes it easy during delegating thus increases efficiency.

As a communication major, I learn how to ensure communication is complete and well understood to enhance better feedback that can help the organizations that is also the reason I took time to improve my public speaking skills to make presentations efficient and exceptional. I am charismatic and easy going which gives me the personality that allows me to deal better with people and thus easy to mingle during the functions that require socializing.

I am the kind of person that when they put their mind to something it is the only thing they work towards and a person who goes out of their way to think outside the box to ensure that they get the result that is required and more.

Enclosed you will find my resume that will explain more about my career journey and the details of my educational background and other information that would be necessary. I would welcome an interview to answer any of the questions you may have.Yours sincerely.


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