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The process of researching on a given topic usually develops on different academic material and evidence provided. In this view, I would like to point that during researching on social media commenting, I learnt several things. Firstly, I came to the realization that perception in some cases would prove insignificant when comparing to evidence. In this view, I would like to admit that there was an inconsistency between my initial thoughts about social media commenting as compared to the reality of the matter. For instance, initially, I believed that general remarks presented on social media are affirmative in the case that people share comments or post their final thoughts. On the contrary, there is logical from evidence obtained by different authors and their justification gives clarity as compared to my line of reasoning. Subsequently, there is a varying presentation of arguments by various authors on the case of social media commenting. An example is the case of Facebook comments where people tend to issue remarks based on the circumstances or individual status. Given such a realization, it is evident that one would perceive a topic or social issues in a different way from the reality. The example stated establishes varying concepts distinguishing personal views from the reality in the case of research topics.

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My grounds for presenting the research topics assume ethical, legal and logical point of view. For instance, the wrong use of social media that could attract legal actions is an argumentative viewpoint that tackles permissible element. The argument of legal action points to the fact that there could be a consequential effect of misusing the social media platform. As such, using such an approach develops ground for effective arguments that further give the research work credibility. On the same note, My type of reasoning assumes the logical point of view in the case that it argues issues from a personal point of view. A good example to elaborate such a point develops in the case that I equally use social media. Importantly, I post on my wall, and people comment about my different status. The case argued that some people post comments that are not genuine in nature makes sense in the case that I compare the evidence presented by different scholars to my case on the use of social media. The other viewpoint that shows the use of a logical approach to the presentation of my research work is in the mention of the confidentiality rules in the social media sites. Such an example points to the fact that there is justification drawn from research materials.

Conclusively, I employ a particular structure while delivering my research topic in the case that there is a provided guideline. The guideline is significant in the case that it will determine points allocation by my professor. For example, I have to incorporate the MLA format while presenting my final paper. On the same note, I have to provide a list of the sources used to develop my content so as to give sufficient evidence of my research work. Lastly, grammar is necessary while developing my content given that my professor allocates a particular rubric that is of importance during marking. Additionally, there is need to present original content that is well argued and presented from a rational approach.

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