Identity Theft and Internet Frauds

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Internet frauds schemes have resulted in lose of billions of money to the scammers. Companies are also affected. The main aim of these scammers is to have monetary advantage over the victims who count numerous losses. The other result of internet fraud schemes is leakage of personal information to this scammer who uses it for his or her personal benefit. Victims also receive goods of low quality or different goods rather than what they ordered.

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However, despite the many losses the government and other law enforcers are taking steps to control the white-collar crimes. The law enforcement can use the tracking system of credit cards to get the scammers. The other way of trying to control these crimes is using the internet to educate people on how to identify scammers and avoid falling into their traps. Through training and education, awareness is created to the potential victims. There are also rules and regulations set up by the law enforcers in most countries to control the increasing rate of white-collar crimes and ensuring it is reduced and in the end eradicated. The rules and regulations help to monitor the scammers and provide the actions to be taken against them.

In conclusion, white collar crimes are crimes that financially driven however they are non-violent. Business and government officials are the people who mostly practice them. Identity theft and internet frauds are types of white collar crimes. Identity theft involves impersonation to anbale a scammer to obtain ones personla information. Internet fraud on the other hand involves use of the internet to commit fraud crimes on people through websites and peoples online accounts. Technology has increased the rates of these crimes as more people can now access internet enabled devices as well an increase on literacy levels of people globally. The law enfocers have however put up measures to curb such crimes through creation of awareness to the public as well as coming up with rules and regulations to restrict scammers from practiving their illegal acts in various countries.


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