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Internet has been a rich source of potential business innovations. In marketing, internet has been providing wide range of diverse potential that has rendered the consumption of information a major boost for business profit maximization. Proficient use of internet technology can be a major source of competitive capacity of an organization. For instance, the social media is a major potential of disruptive technologies. Indeed, the internet platform through the social media can be used to change the modes of information delivery, online contents and new coverage among other important aspects of the business which individuals can establish new developments. Besides, the internet social media tools can also be manipulated for the mobilization of voters in an organizational set ups as well as in the larger national and global contests thus, creating a significant electoral impact (Bailard, 2014). Internet can also be used in enhancing democratic engagement through twitter, Facebook and instagram platforms among other potential avenues.

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In particular, internet can be used to promote social cohesion among society of diverse origins in order to reap a common goal politically or economically through enhanced communication. The sharing and posting of important data such as through the Linked in is one of the platform that professionals or other common trait groups can meet and share important insights that are ideal in generating a common play point. Effective service delivery can be enhanced through knowledge transfer from one professional or specialized group to another. In this regard, social media through the internet provides a unique platform for civic engagement which is a major civic education parameter.

In the field of governance, internet platforms such as the social media and organizational sites are ideal points in which electronic engagements and campaigns can be propagated through grassroots-activisms to promote institutes of governance. Some of the ultimate topics for analysis in the this area with regard to governance includes voter empowerment, transformation of government and the engagement of nationals which has the integral role of manipulating effective social-economic engagement of all the economic agents in an economy or an individual organization (Bailard, 2014). In this regard, the development of a social platform through the internet that can effectively tap a wide range of individual professionals, politicians and other interest groups can be an effective mechanism of promoting social-economic integration both at institutional and the national levels.

In marketing, different organizations can use Facebook commentaries as a platform for the generation of sustainable brand feedback for a wide range of clients. The review of these commentaries can create a sound source of evidence-based marketing decision that will facilitate the enhancement of business marketing activities and the overall brand success in the long-run. The Internet platform and the Facebook in particular are credited with contributing a fair share of commentaries on multiple sets of items and Facebook pages. For instance, research indicates that 40 percent of all social media users access and update their status at least once a week. This shows that the rate of arbitrary access to the social network might be above 50 percent (Thompson, 2013).

With organizations developing interesting topics associated with their brands, chances are high that the internet will provide a critical platform upon which new prospective clients can learn about their brands and provide a sound interest for use in the long-run. This implies a subsequent necessity to create an addition application to facilitate purchases through online platform. Once a purchasing app is developed, a chain of additional necessities also arises including the method of shipments for physical products and payment methods that can be accommodated. Organizations seeking to go public can also post their financial data and information they deem necessary for public view in order to attract wider audience for investment (Bailard, 2014). Through the advances that have been made in internet usage such as file upload enabling provides an ideal platform for posting critical data for public consumption with the intention of luring public interest for investments and product purchases as well.

In the field of medicine, internet can be used to enhance patients-doctors relationship and service delivery. In particular, the physician can conduct independent patient surveys by sending private and confidential emails to individual patients in order to enhance patients disclosure of particular aspects of their conditions and other aspects that are essential for promoting care. Besides, the physicians can also guide their clients on accessing and use of critical information from the internet that is important in facilitating knowledge transfer to patients and improve self-care under the close-guide of the physicians. Internet is a reach source of health information that can be effectively tapped by patients to improve their care delivery in the long-run. However, the consumption of information from the internet sources must be done selectively under the guide of the doctor in order to assist in access to important and credible information only (Thompson, 2013). The physicians must also identify or develop a guide into the use of such information including the proposed sites and points of access to important health information, including dietary information.

Additionally, the internet may also be used through platforms such as facebook and twitter personalized messages, important schedules such as hourly rounds and other important sessions that the doctor may consider essential for service delivery to the respective clients. The development of a scheduled procedure for the execution of diverse nursing care activities is very essential to improving patients services by doctors that is pivotal for their quick recovery. Finally, the composition and manipulation of internet technology is largely a factor of consideration from the individual organization or entities. The success of this technology adoption is based on the ability of an individual or organization to tap it and use for the benefits of its operations and customers satisfaction in general.


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