Paper Example on Crisis in Syria and Russian Support of the Syrians Government

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The Syrian conflict has attracted global powers, opposing and supporting myriad rebel groups and President Bashar al-Assad. Russia is among the allies to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the survival of his rule is significant to maintaining Russian interests in that nation. Russia has blocked the UN Security Council resolution significant to President Assad and has continuously supplied weapons to Syria military regardless of the criticism it faces around the world. Moscow has the interest of safeguarding the naval facility that leases at Tartous port in Syrian, which works as the Russias main Mediterranean center for its Black Sea fleet, also the availability of the forces at the Latakia air base, which is Shia Alawite heartland of President Assad's.

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Russia launched air strikes on the September 2015, targeting the rebels Islamic State (IS) as well as "all terrorists." Although, it is alleged that the Western-backed groups were hit. President Vladimir Putin of Russia believed that the only solution to this conflict is political intervention.

The assigned country's foreign policy

Russia will consider the Western attempts of penetrating the post-Soviet space either penetrate the post-Soviet space militarily or economically or militarily as disproportionate and hostile.

The policy in Russian towards its western borders will be non-offensive but defensive. With regards to the fear of Eastern Europe, there will be no military phase against the NATO's new members.

Also, Russia will take responsibilities to ensure the creation of new regional as well as international institutions like Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS. But the workability and functionality of this institution remain an open question.

The institution of European security together with the important treaties and Russia will get abolished, but Moscow is hardly expected to seek their dismantlement.


Good morning your Excellency Mr. Chairman, distinguished delegates of UN Security Council. It is a great opportunity for me as a Russian representative to contribute to the motion, the crisis in Syria.

Moscow has consistently offered its support to Syrian President Bashar Assad. Russia objects the claims asserted that Russian government is supporting the killing of the civilians in Syria. We just learned that the soldiers loyal to the Syrian President, are using barrel bombs targeting the rebels; however, reliable sources claim that only one percent of those who were killed with the bombs are the rebels while the rest are innocent civilians. We want to assure my fellow delegates that we will withdraw our support to President Bashar Assad, in case he refuses to stop killing the civilians

I would like the rest of us to join hands and condemn the attacks made by the rebels; we cannot allow Syria to be ruled by the terrorists. As a democratic country, it has to be governed by the president, and if people are not interested with the current president, then they should elect another president.

Russia seconds the interventions of Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon towards the conflict resolution in Syria, together with the countries that take in the refugees from Russia I urge you to keep that spirit high until when peace will return to our neighbors

Point of information to the Chair

Mr. Chairman, Russia fails to understand why the US government has barned Syria from going to the US despite the humanitarian crisis that is going in Syria.

Russia will remain to be steadfast in supporting the Syrians government, and we are ready to take in the refugees and provide them with the humanitarian support. We are not going to watch our neighbors suffer instead we will take steps that will safeguard peace in our region despite the resistance that we are facing from the west, especially the US, by putting sanctions against Russia. We are not going back.

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