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The aim of this research paper is to make a careful study of the Immigration reform, to consider the key principals of Donald J. Trump's immigration plan and to investigate the response of people to these reforms and how the plan can help to win the elections. It is a very interesting topic because it is definitely a sensible and reformative plan. It contains different reforms that affect all the spheres of our life. None of the candidates had such a plan before. So, the research question is to cover the key principals of Trumps plan, give the detailed characteristic of his ideas and foresee how the plan can help to win the elections, using the information from the polls.

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To begin with, it is not out of place to explain the term Immigration reform. Immigration reform is a term which can be used in political sphere concerning the changes to current political strategy of a country. In its complete definition, "reform" means that changes should be introduced in order to improve form or condition, by revising or removing errors or some kind of abuses. In the sense of politics, "immigration reform" may comprise different types of immigration. It can be promoted, expanded, or open type of immigration, as well as decreased or eliminated one.

Donald Trump just announced a detailed plan of his position which applies to policy of immigrants. In this paper he describes in details what steps he is going to take as a president to make America become great. (James, 2015)

Donald J. Trump states that talking about immigration reform most of the politicians intend: amnesty, inexpensive labor and affirm that borders should be opened. This paper really composes an absolutely new approach to immigration system and a major overhaul of the current system, priorities of the politicians, and involvement of particular benefit. The plan is started with three main ideas. (CAIRCO - Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, 2015)

According to the new Immigration plan the true immigration reform sets the needs of people who work first not wealthy well-to-do organizations. America is one of the countries that have an immigration system which think firstly about the needs of other nations than about its own. This must be changed. (National Review Online, 2015)

There are the three key principles of true immigration reform:

1. Our nation needs borders. We must build a border in the southern part of our country.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Political system must enact laws which should be passed according to the Constitutional system of our country.

3. Every nation should work for its citizens otherwise is not a nation. Every immigration plan must favor the creation of jobs, wages and security for all American people. Now, it is necessary to clarify the main steps that are proposed in this paper.

The first step concerns the borders that must be built in the south of the United States. It is a very difficult question because the author of the Immigration plan Donald J. Trump insists that Mexico is obliged to pay for these borders. He also gives arguments why it is so necessary to do this and why Mexico needs to give money for building borders (Mckay, 2015).

Trump explains that for many years, leaders in Mexico have been exploiting the United States by using illegal immigration to export the offenses, criminals and poverty in their own country. They have even published different brochures to tell about how it is easy to immigrate to the United States illegally. On account of this the United States have extraordinary costs: the taxpayers were obliged to collect huge amount of money in different costs such as: education, healthcare, housing, social benefits to the population, welfare and many others. The influence of different offences and crimes has been terrible. Recently, the headlines of all newspapers have been imparting news about the cases of criminal actions. Criminals crossed the USA border illegally only to go on to perpetrate horrific offences against Americans. He mentions that the Mexican government has robbed the state treasury of the United States. They should be accountable for this problem, and they must help pay to improve the situation. The money, which is needed for the building of permanent border, is only a small part that Mexico has to return to the United States. The taxpayers of America spend much more every year to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things:

- seize all remittance payments that arises from illegal wages;

- raise fees on all type of visas for Mexican organizations and leaders or diplomats (and if it is indispensable the Us government has the right to cancel them);

- raise fees on all cards that suppose to cross the border.

The second step according to the paper is to change laws. Trump says:America will be a great country as long as the American people remain a nation of laws that lives according to the Constitution. No one is above the law. ('Nox & Friends, 2015)The following changes will return to the American people the security of their lives and laws, which politicians have deprived them of:

The number of enforcement officers in Immigration and Custom sphere should be tripled. By doing this the recommendations of the Inspector General for Tax Administration will be accepted and will get financing. Also, it will help to eliminate payments or taxes to illegal immigrants.

This elementary step will save working places jobs for unemployed Americans:

1. Compulsory return of all criminal immigrants. The Administration of our President Obama has set free 76,000 foreigners from its detention with criminal convictions since 2013. All criminal foreigners must be sent to their native countries. This process can be assisted if the government cancels any visas to foreign countries which will refuse to accept their own law breakers, and making it a detached and supplementary offence to commit any crime while staying in our country illegally.

2. Arrest criminals cant be caught and then set free. Illegal immigrants arrested while crossing the border must be caught and held in detention until they are sent home.

3. Prevent from continuing to receive funds sanctuary cities. Reduce federal grants to any city which refuses to collaborate with federal law enforcement.

4. Increased fines for outstaying a visa. There are many people who come to the United States on temporary visas but refuse to leave the country, without any sequences. This can become a challenge for national security. People who refuse to leave the country when their visa expires should be incurred to criminal fines; this measure will also give local authorities the power to hold individuals who overstay visas until federal authorities can come. New laws demand to complete the process of visa tracking system and it is a very essential step for the USA (Tuohy, 2015).

5. Collaborate with local forces which catch criminal gangs. ICE officers must escort and collaborate with local police departments which catch criminal gangs and chase cruel street gangs which have intimidated the country. All illegal foreigners who participate in gangs should be arrested and deported to their native countries. ICE is compelled to set free the foreigner back into the society. This includes grave criminals who have committed crimes, who have attacked officers, and who catch children. ICE officers should be obliged to open the case on every illegal foreigner they catch and put in prisons, because these foreigners not only broke immigration laws, but then participated in activities that led to their detention by police; ICE officers should be write notices if illegal foreigner, who commit violence appear in their area and inform police departments about criminal or suspicious gangs (Coli, 2015).

6. Birthright citizenship should be ended. This fact is one of the biggest problems because it is still the largest attraction for illegal immigration. The government should vote for the law which allows not giving the citizenship automatically to the children of illegal immigrants (Moseley, 2015).

The third step is very important for American workers because it applies to their rights which sometimes are not prescribed correctly in Constitutional Law. This sphere needs to be reformed to improve the situation on labor-market.

Donald J. Trump affirms that American workers must be at the first place on labor-market. The leading priority would be given to American workers according to Trumps plan, which sets out that nearly 40% of black teenagers are unemployed today, while nearly 30% of Hispanic teenagers cant find job. The inflow of foreign workers prevents the salary growth, keeps unemployment high, and creates difficulties for poor and working class Americans including foreigners and their children to earn a middle class wage, - underlines Trump.

According to the survey the life of immigrants is very difficult in the USA. They lead the way of life of poor people. Nearly half of all immigrants and the children who were born in the USA now live below the poverty line. These figures include about 60 percent of Hispanic immigrants. Every year, our country allows another 2 million new immigrants to live here. It can be guest who came in order to work in our country, refugees, who are in search of sustained life, and dependents. All of them raise our existing population of immigrants in several times. The government need to control the access of new workers who receive low salaries in order to: help wages raise, give work for teenagers, to revive the middle class and help minorities, aid schools and communities getting behind, and to guarantee and promote the tendency of our immigrants to embody their ideas and become part of the American dream. Moreover, we need to cancel the process of giving visas to people who come to our country to do us harm (Boyle, 2015).

The author of the Immigration plan also proposed some steps and measures to reform the labor sphere:

1. Raise predominant wage for H-1Bs. While raising the predominant wage, which is paid to H-1Bs, companies will be obliged to give these desirable entry-level working places to the existing base of native and immigrant workers who dont have the opportunity to find job in our country. Thus we wont have the necessity to hire workers who are cheaper from overseas. This measure will increase the number of Hispanic, Afro-American and female workers in Silicon Valley who due to this are not able to obtain job. Marco Rubio, who has a position of personal Senator of Mark Zuckerbergs, suggested tripling H-1Bs .This is not a good idea because this step will do harm to women and minorities (Fulford, 2015).

2. American workers must be hired first. We dont need to issue many visas, like the H-1B because they prevent native workers from receiving jobs. The companies of the USA should search for and hire workers from the number of unemployed in our country to support a stable economic position. Requests for workers should be sent via e-mail to the office which is occupied with unemployment.

3. The misuse of welfare in the USA should be ended. Applicants who are ready to come and live in America should be obliged to provide documents to confirm that they are able to pay for their own flat, healthcare and pay other expenses before arriving in the U.S.

4. New job programs for interior city young...

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